chapter 1

I was once just a everyday person, I worked a an accountant at a major firm, I never liked it to be honest. 16 I weighs approximately 130lb at 5ft6, brown hair, b cups and an average ass, until one night I was bored I had nothing to do so opened my laptop and was just casually browsing the internet when a ad popped up on my screen, it said unlock your true potential. So of course I clicked on it and the it came to a green and black page were it had a big green button saying click here, and as soon as I clicked the computer started scanning me with green lasers, I suddenly fell asleep. I woke up later woundering what happened but my computer had no history of the event, so I closed it and walked down stares. Nothing seemed different at all so I walked back up stares for a shower and to get my head straight, "Jesus theses phyjamas are tighter" I said to my self thinking nothing of it. As I took off my phyjamas I noticed that my fingers seemed a little fat as well as my arms but I just hopped in the shower. As I hoped out of the shower and dried my hair and looked into the mirror I screamed as I patted down my body to see I had almost gained 40lbs. I jumped out of the bathroom and ran to my room as quickly as possible. As I reached my room I started to discover a explore my new body which I was very unfamiliar with. I actually started to enjoy it until I remembered my mum, what would she think of it "omg!" I got changed and slowly walked down stares as I looked at my mum and she looked at me I started to panic but she just said good morning sweetheart. I was in shock but happiness so I ran back up to my room and started to imagine me another 40lbs heavier. And as I opened my eyes all I saw was me but just a lot fatter I had bulging love handles and double d's, thighs the size of tree trunks and my ass was the biggest thing on my body. My clothes had some how grown. I couldn't believe it I could change my weight. I imagine myself 130lbs again and as I thought I was skinny again. But I couldn't wait to see what els I could do with this. Next chapter will be released very soo. Leave so feedback plz thanks
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Theswordsman 6 years
Are the powers temporary because if they are then you could make it to where she's obese when they do.