Making a monster

  By Feeder862

Chapter 1 - the best of bad influences

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“Oh, Bobbi, you should have seen him!” Edith marvelled, recounting her date from the night before. “He had this beautiful, fat, chubby ass on him, squeezed into pants which were far too small, so his love handles bulged out perfectly! He’s got this cute double chin and his belly is the stout, round kind, with just the hint of moobs starting to sprout above! I was in heaven!”

Bobbi laughed. Just like her, Edith had an unashamedly strange taste in boys; but, she never failed to amuse. “What was his appetite like at dinner? Did he pass that test too?” Bobbi asked, knowing full well that this was always something that Edith looked out for in a man.

“Not bad,” Edith nodded, sounding unconvinced. “But he was probably just holding back a little because it was a first date. I’m sure that I can tease the little piggy out of him in time!”

It was hard not to roll her eyes, but Bobbi resisted. Edith was nothing short of wicked. Despite being such a pretty girl, she never failed to find the fatter, out-of-shape boys hotter than any others. Her last boyfriend had gained a full ten pounds in the short eight weeks that they were together during the first semester. She wanted a man that she could pamper, overfeed and ultimately watch ballooning into the five hundred pound pig of her dreams.

“So, do you think he might be the one?” Bobbi asked curiously.

“Hmm, possibly,” Edith pondered. There’s also this second year guy I’ve got my eye on too though. “His belly is a little more developed. I saw him eating this doughnut in the park last week and… Oh my..!”

Bobbi raised her hand to stop Edith, not wanting all of the gory details about how horny she became. Edith had absolutely no shame. She was the type of girl who had watched too many romantic comedies, with girlfriends who knew everything about each other. She’d spilled every dark secret to her, without thinking twice. That was how Bobbi had come to learn of their shared passion for guys carrying too much weight. She glanced over at the desktop picture on Edith’s laptop, spying the image of a huge, easily five hundred pound fat guy. He was incredibly wide and unreasonably fat, with blubber spilling over from his love handles and a lard-filled butt that didn’t look like it had ever seen the inside of a gym.

“Who’s that?” Bobbi pointed, laughing.

“Just a picture I found online,” Edith replied, gazing longingly at the image. “Isn’t he just dreamy?”

Bobbi tried to imagine how much food the guy must have eaten to grow that fat. She looked at the huge doughy ass on him and tried to imagine fucking with a guy like that. Was that something she would enjoy?

“I guess he’s all right,” she finally conceded with a devilish twinkle in her eye. “I’ve never really checked out guys that big before, but… Yeah, he’s pretty cute!” she stated, gazing at the large, blubbery gut that looked almost too much for girls like her or Edith to handle. But maybe that was why the thought of him was so damn thrilling! “Have you found any more guys like that?” she asked, scooting up a little closer to Edith’s whirring computer; excited to see what other delights the kinky girl had found during her many internet searches.
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Satana 2 years
I'm on chapter 7 and very horny already... You're a very good writer as always, I love how you describe fat gluttonous guys...
The Ivy Leag... 2 years
Yet another beautiful story, this one was very fun
Feeder862 2 years
Many thanks to those following, liking and commenting. The upcoming, chapter 45 will be the final part of this story.

Please check out my other male WG stories if you have enjoyed this one.
Fatchance 2 years
Wow, this story turned 180 .... and just keopt on going!
Fatchance 2 years
Wow, quite the ending!
Feeder862 2 years
We're still some way off the end. I'll let you know when we're getting close.
Curiousicey 2 years
so here we are reading a slowburn hot story with funny moments and sweet fantasy with lots of details..
Too bad chapter 32 literally ended during a very special moment. One word: Pain.
Lionheart 2 years
Dying for part 3, Sir we are in Pain™ after chapter 28 haha
TheGreatFatsby 2 years
Is this the end or just a cliffhanger? Please say there's more...
Feeder862 2 years
Chapter 28 is not the end.
Fatchance 2 years
wow, I hate that as an ending ... realistic though it might be.
Stevita 2 years
Great start as always! Can't wait to see where this goes!
Built4com4t 2 years
Excellent…keep it coming
Fatchance 2 years
awesome! just LOVE this!