My dream

Chapter 1

There are times in this world when it's a question of what it is that turns you on and makes you who you want to be. This is a story about a guy who got what he didn't even know he wanted until he was given the chance to experience the perhaps anti norm of society. And maybe it was achieved through a woman's let's say devious means but. When a woman truly desires something can she really let a little thing like harmless sabotage stop her? Well really. Would you let it stop you?

His name was Dean and as far as Jenni was concerned he was perfect. Well almost you see He had beautiful eyes, a kind heart, a wicked sense of humor and of course the type of smile that would make any woman wish to be his willing sex slave. The only thing Jenni wanted to change was the fact that he was at least to her missing something in the size department. It wasn't his maleness that wasn't the issue no definitely not he was rather gifted in that respect. No there just wasn't enough of him for her.

The problem as she saw it was how to make him into the perfect shape she pictured in her head. Unfortunate in her humble opinion of course was he was not into gaining. He wasn't skinny but he wasn't terribly round either. But oh how Jenni wanted to change that. And so she decided that if she were going to have what she truly wanted then she was going to have to do it without really telling him.

That night Jenni watched Dean after he fell to sleep beside her in bed and she thought about how she planned to make her fantasy happen. Thinking Dean must by now be quite solidly asleep and he was breathing slow and even and she could even hear a tiny bit of a snore starting she gently peeled the covers back off of her sleeping mate. Putting an almost trembling hand softly onto Deans bare stomach Jenni slowly moved her fingers over the small swell that was there and imagined it a much larger bulge. Closing her eyes she could see it so clearly and was not entirely surprised to find herself quite aroused and wet at the source. Soon she thought I will have this dream as a reality then finding she was so aroused that she could not help herself she kissed the sleeping Dean and whispered into his ear that she wanted him right now. Dean came awake to find that Jenni was already touching him and was quite serious about her desires to take advantage of him. He had no idea it was her fantasy of what she pictured of the soon to be new him on her mind that almost made her climax the moment he started to touch her. Finally satisfied they both fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms. Jenni was still smiling to herself thinking about how she was going to make things happen starting tomorrow morning
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Built4com4t 9 years
looking back thru your stories and found this one that i'd missed. incredibly loving and very well written
FrecherTyp 11 years
ah such a lovely story again ;-)
Balloon 12 years
Lovely story! I do enjoy the secrets they kept from each other until it was obvious!
FrecherTyp 12 years
mhmmm verysexy and i loved the secret feedings of his gf ^^ :-) hehe really a very nice story