My ex and i gained weight

chapter 1

A few years ago I dated this girl. She was very pretty. We had originally talked about losing weight together. Mainly because of society and family and friends. Anyway we weighed ourselves in front of each other. I had to really talk her into letting me see the number. This was about a month into the relationship. She weighed 322 pounds and I was 373. She didn't look 322. I was guessing about 260 when I first saw her. She had a belly, but it wasn't huge. She had big boobs and a huge lower body. Her ass was huge, hips were wide, and thighs were really thick. I'm not going to lie, I was more attracted to her when I saw the number.

She was initially embarrassed by it, but she could tell I was into it. It took her awhile to get that I liked her body. She didn't like to be on top because she thought it was unflattering or she weighed too much. She didn't like me touching what she considered as problem areas at first. As time went on, she got over her insecurities because she finally learned that I loved her body.

We never made a conscious decision to gain weight together. We talked about going to the gym and eating right. It just never happened. We never did anything active. Dinner and a movie or dinner and Netflix and cuddle was all we did. All we did was eat out or order take out or delivery. The weight started to pile on both of us. Again we never spoke of trying to gain weight. I never consciously thought of it. I fantasized about her being bigger, but never thought she would go for it. Maybe she caught on and decided to gain.

The sex got better and better. I was crazy about her body. Everything got bigger. Her boobs and ass grew. Now she started to get a belly too. She was okay with me rubbing her belly now as well. Things were going good.

Unfortunately, even though are sex life was good, we started arguing a lot. Our personalities were not compatible. Also a friend confronted both of us because we gained a lot of weight in a short period of time. The friend said we were toxic for each other. We started to believe that.

A few weeks before we broke up we stepped on the scale to see where we were at. We were going to try and diet together. This weigh in was about 5 months after the first one. Actually it was the only one. This was the first time we stepped on a scale since that first weigh in. I went first. I was 399. This was the most I ever weighed at the time. I managed to gain 26 pounds in 5 months without actively trying. Now it was time for her. I could tell she was nervous. She stepped on the scale. The scale said 356. She gained 34 pounds in 5 months. She immediately started crying. I had to comfort her. I told that she was a beautiful woman and she was beautiful at any weight. I wasn't lying. It was the truth. I would have been attracted to her if she was 200 pounds, 300 pounds, 400 pounds, or whatever.

I had to hide the fact that I was super turned on that she was now over 350 pounds. We didn't have sex for a few days. She wasn't in the mood. We eventually did again and it was great. Unfortunately, we were just not meant for each other. We mutually ended the relationship. We both still loved each other, but we both realized we weren't compatible. We had a great sex life, but it wasn't enough to carry the relationship.

Anyway, I was reading other gaining stories and realized that I had a short story of my own. Thought I would write it down to remember it better. I miss my 350 pound woman. I made the right move breaking up with her, but I still miss having a fat girlfriend.
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Such a sad story. I am glad you shared both your joy and loss with us. I hope you find love again.