Olivia jensen goes to college

  By 2Thick2Care

chapter 1

One could only imagine... beautiful blonde with striking looks, a pretty face, and a taut body with a thin waist, small-ish breasts, and a perfectly round bulbous butt, as a result from years of playing HS volleyball, softball, and cheerleading. Olivia Jensen was the girl in HS that all the boys swooned for, and the girls loved to hate. Standing at 5' 7", she had a perfect body shape, and weighed a slim 140 lbs. She had everything going for her in a small town, but now was one of a thousand other girls in a new city, at a big prominent school, nervously excited about college campus life. Focusing strictly on her classes, Olivia stuck to studying, so she would do well in school, and put sports and physical activity, for which she was accustomed to, on hold. Her metabolism and eating habits reflected her previous lifestyle, which she was able to manage easily with the amount of exercise she did in her HS days, but in her current situation this wasn't something that Olivia gave much thought to, simply due to her strenuous class schedule, late nights studying, and immersing herself into the curriculum. Olivia always had a big appetite, and came from a large family, so food was always the centerpiece of family gatherings. It was natural for her to eat what she wanted and never worry about it. All the girls back in HS were always jealous of Olivia's beauty, and the fact that the boys were constantly infatuated with her 'big butt'. She loved the attention! In her new surroundings, and without family or friends nearby, there was no one there to give her advice or caution her on the affects of her new environment. It was far too easy for Olivia to always grab a quick bite at the cafeteria, which all consisted of high-calorie food, or a high-protein smoothie at the 'Snack Shack', or even a rich chocolate-based coffee for the extra sugar rush and caffeine buzz she needed for those late-night crams. And when she wasn't focused on academics, she was seen around campus at many of the parties held by the fraternaties and sororities, drinking beer and having a great time. Olivia loved to socialize and really enjoyed meeting new people. Always the flirt, Olivia flashed that infectious smile whever she was on campus. It wasn't soon after that Olivia began to notice her cut-off jeans, crop tops, purple leggings, and other clothing was starting to fit tightly. She didn't think much of it though... probably something she did wrong when washing her clothes at the school laundromat. Olivia was very meticulous about her looks and even though she spent a lot of time in front of a mirror, she really hadn't noticed some of the changes to her body. She was too focused on her make-up and hair most of the time. This pattern continued, and although not completely obvious, Olivia did need to make some slight alterations to her cut-offs and jeans as a result of them 'shrinking' in the washers and dryers. "Those darn industrial machines!", Olivia thought to herself. For the most part, Olivia found herself wearing a lot of yoga pants and stretchy clothing, simply cause it was really easy to put on quickly without having to spend too much time wondering what to wear. She didn't have time for that... School was too important. Two month's into school, Olivia was really excited cause she was finally finishing up her first exams, and was able to take a couple weeks off and head home. She packed her bags, and made her way home, excited to see her family and friends. No one was home when she arrived, so she called up her best girl friend and decided to go to her house. When her girl friend opened to door, happy to see her old friend, she looked at Olivia with wide eyes, and practicly gasped. Olivia was perplexed by her friends reaction and couldn't understand why she acted that way. Her friend just stood there in the entry way, having remembered Olivia as she was when she left for school, then began to smile and smirk and giggle. She said, "Olivia, you look HUGE! What happened?!" She walked around her, poked at her belly, which was now very pronounced, tapped the underside of her butt, which quivered, slapped the side of her big thighs which jiggled, lifted up one of her round, plump breasts, which now seemed twice the size than before, and squeezed her chubby upper arms. The beautiful blonde from HS had started to get fat! Olivia blushed slightly, and stayed silent. She didn't know what to think. Her friend asked Olivia how much weight had she gained in two months? Olivia shrugged her chubby shoulders... she had no idea. They ran up to her friends bathroom, pulled out the scale, and Olivia sheepishly stepped on. To her surprise, she now weighed 178 lbs. She had gained almost 40 lbs in two months! She had no idea it was that much. She looked down at her body then in her friends stand-up mirror, and began to frown. How did she let this happen? Her cut-offs were so tight, she now had a small roll of skin folding over the top button, which was straining from the pressure. Olivia was always blessed with larger-than-normal thighs, but now they looked so meaty and chunky, her upper-thighs were pushing out beyond the bottom of her cut-offs. In addition, the fact she was wearing a tube-top only helped accentuate the extra weight of her upper body. She turned around, straining to look over her shoulder into the mirror, and not only noticed she now had love-handles, but could also see extra skin of back-fat pouring over the seam of the tight tube-top. Lastly, she turned to her side, looking into the mirror, and couldn't believe her eyes... Her once flat, tight stomach was now well rounded from the pelvic area leading up to her belly button. Olivia gasped outloud, "Oh My Gosh!! Look at my FUPA!" She didn't know what to think, but her friend was kind, and encouraged her it was ok. She smiled and patted Olivia's soft stomach, "Look at that cute belly!" Olivia giggled and smiled back at her friend. She was still a radiantly beautiful girl, with gorgeous wavy blonde hair, but now was a really thick and extra curvy woman, with the all the weight she packed on. Olivia began to think this was going to be ok, and figured the guys would still love a bigger Olivia... "What's not to love?", she thought... "There's just more of me!"
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