Perspective: from a feedee

chapter 1

Hi! I'm Olivia, i wanted to share my long weight gain. I now am a ssbbw, i gained to the point where mobility is an issue, breathing gets laborious and much everyday tasks are impossi le to complete...

I met my man 8 years ago. I weighed around 250lbs at that time. Already a very fat girl! And i am a shorty. I was rather pear shaped at that time. That's what first interested my man!! At that time i was fat because i never enjoyed sport, and i let go during university years... far from freshman 15 but hey! I'm quite glutton! As our relationship developped, he confessed that he love fat girls, ssbbw in fact. He opened on his kinks and introduced me to the world of gainers, feeders feedees etc.

First i was reluctant! I was at my highest weight and i didn't understand his fetish! These women were so huge! So helpless!! They were so fat that their bodies couldn't manage their weight!! On the other side, he was so kind, he never pushed me, he was in love with me i think. So i stayed with him.

I didn't pay attention first, but i was starting to gain more weight. I told him, and he said that if i wanted to loose he won't be against. He confessed that he really liked the added wheight but that was all. To be honest, having a man who really love every rolls, every inch of your fat thights and ass is really fantastic, empowering, erotic.

I wanted to take time to think before starting to loose weight... i waited one month, two, and i forgot about that... then my clothes were too tight again. My man was pampering me, my gain started to stress me, that made me eat more, i was in an eat and gain spiral! To my lover's delight!! When i passed 350lbs, i asked him if he still thought i was sexy. He showed me in a very pleasurable way!! I started to loose track of my gain. I let go. Totally. I even let him feed me. Feed me more and more often... then i had him forcefeed me sometimes... i was slowly embracing the feedee life... he loved it, and showed me. I was too lazy to resist... and it started to really please me.

I started to accomodate my lifestyle to my weight. I was more and more limited, but he his always here for me. I am his huge sexy whale of a wife... i had to quite my job, and started to live a more reclusive life as my mobility was decreasing. I was becoming his sexual fetish, his huge sexual pet... I should have stopped, it was too much, too fast. I am 31 now and i'm as mobile as an old grandma... I can't live on my own; i am now dependent and heavily relying on my feeder. Such a mess... I love it!
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Gabzer 1 month
J’adore, en espérant qu’il y ait une suite ! En attendant je veux bien discuter en privée si tu veux !
Fluffylove 5 years
More please... talk about hunger pains,mobility struggles, sexual satisfaction from her size etc