Plane crash

chapter 1

Ann and Kelly are on there way to there honey moon, they are on a small plane with two other people, the man and women say hi to the and go back to the book they are reading. Ann turns to Kelly, baby did you see the size of that women.
Kelly and Ann are not fat they are both a uk size 12. Yes I did I would like to be a bit bigger then I am, would you Ann asks in a bit of a shock, yes maybe I can start to eat a bit more then now we have a mouth away, OK Ann says that would be fine with me. The plane was two hours away from landing to drop Ann Kelly, and the other two people, then to was to take food to the small land for the people who live there.
Kelly and Ann was talking about that they where going to do over the next mouth when. Ann turns to Kelly, do you smell that Kelly replys yes what is that, just the the plane start to fall the girls start to scream the other have even move, Kelly and Ann not know do they have already dead, the bottom of the plane where they are seating blow and killed them Kelly and Ann are still scream and tell each other they how much they love each other, Kelly if we crash I love you and I.....
The plane hits to ground hard I love you.
The plane start to stop, then what smells to be for over then hour but it was minutes come to a complet stop, Ann is screaming to Kelly we need to get out are you ok? yes I don't know how but I am fine what about you? Fine just same small cuts, we need to check the other Kelly says, ok you do that Ann say and I will try and find things we will need fine, Kelly going to where the other are seating but they are dead the women is wearing a plastic raincoat Kelly takes if off her as they my need it due to the size was, it was a size 26. Ann is trying to find anything they we need. Kelly go to where Ann is, Ann get out of the plane Kelly I can pass you thing then get way from the plane before to blows up, Ann starts to thought things to Kelly one done get out the the plane and Kelly and Ann start to run. They find a cleaning and stop and kiss, by this time is dark and cold, we need to Ann Kelly's say to Ann and make a fire to get warm, ok let's see what we have.
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Astronaut 1 month
I thought it was a really cool story, what a shame it wasn't continued.