Rule number one

  By Feeder862

Chapter 1 - first taste

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Jenny had never had a three-way before, let alone fed a guy. And so, she’d lied on both counts before she’d even made it there that night. The offer had been too tempting to resist though. Doug was one of the hottest gainers on the internet; considerably over 400lbs in size, and horny as hell to keep marching on to even greater numbers. Of course Jenny wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity to stuff him silly.

However, Big Doug would also be fulfilling a fantasy of his own that night, selecting another girl that he wanted to feed him as well. The man was greedy with his food, but also greedy with his lovers. Jenny didn’t know who it would be, but she was aware that she wouldn’t be the only one having fun with Doug that evening.

Jenny realised that you can see pictures of guys on the internet and become almost desensitised to it: the folds, the flab, the rolls. But seeing a truly obese boy in real life was something else. Her arousal instantly sparked up with electricity as soon as the door was opened to her, with big Doug standing there, dressed only in his underwear, ready for them to begin.

“Welcome!” the fat man smiled, greedily checking out Jenny’s athletic body and pert breasts as she stepped inside. “I’m pleased you could make it.

The contrast was the most arousing aspect of it all to Jenny. She saw the man’s large, chubby hands reaching out to her, then holding her around the waist. Doug kissed her on both cheeks, clearly very excited to have his first feeder arrive.

Jenny felt her heart beating fast. The man’s monstrous size was getting her so turned on. When she’d chatted to Doug online, she’d been full of bravado; lying by boasting about how dominant she was with fat guys, and how mercilessly she fed them. But now that she was here, she felt strangely shy and nervous about feeding such a ginormous man, who clearly had high expectations of her. Before she knew it, she was sat down on the couch, too overwhelmed to even try any dirty talk; munching on a bread stick from the great stash of food that Doug wanted pushed into his enormous body that night, already laid out on the coffee table.

The conversation didn’t flow. There were awkward pauses. When the small talk had turned to discussing the weather, Jenny knew she had reached a new low. She was going to be useless at this. She could see that Doug was already fighting the urge to yawn.

It was only when the buzzer sounded and Jenny heard that the second feeder was making her way up, that she finally started to relax a little bit; feeling less pressure on her to somehow perform. According to Doug, the other girl was very experienced at this sort of thing. Then again, that’s exactly what Jenny had told him too. Did all girls lie about this sort of thing? Maybe tonight wasn’t going to be quite as fun as she had hoped…
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Kiwi 6 months
Reminds me of killing eve smiley
1winter 2 years
Excelent story! I really love your style of writing
GrowingLoveH... 2 years
Beautifully done.
You are a wonder at “flipping” your characters!!
Fatpeter 2 years
Love this story! Like most of your stories. Please keep them coming
BlissfullyAware 2 years
Fantastic work as usual! Thoroughly enjoy your stories.
Feeder862 2 years
Thank you to everyone liking and commenting on this story. It has been a pleasure to write and will shortly end with Chapter 23.

Please check out my other Feeder-to-Feedee stories if you have enjoyed
Mdp99 2 years
love the story and how Vicky switched Jenn into become a sexy fatty!!!
Azerty 2 years
Such a good story. Poor Jenny, she has no chance facing Vicky smiley
The Ivy Leag... 2 years
Gosh this is a really good story so far
Stevita 2 years
Really enjoying this so far as always! Excited to see how big Jenny will get!
Built4com4t 2 years
Excellent…another treat. Love the contrast in the characters.