She didn't notice a thing

chapter 1:

Ok it all started when I meet her for the first time. It was a hot summer day when we meet.I was walking down the side walk in till I hit the cross walk. Then she walk up next to me and look at her thinking she the most beautiful girl I've seen. "hello" I said with a dumb struck face.
"Hot day out, huh?" She chuckle, looking up at me as She push her glasses up and slide a strand of hair behind her ear.
"yeah it is pretty hot out I know of a ice cream shop that we can go to, to cool down would you like go with me" I said while trying not to sound nerves.

"Oh sure!" She grinned and start walking when the light turn for us to go. "I'm Vivian by the way"
"oh I'm Aaron nice to meet you" we walked to the shop making some small talk. Then we were at "The Ice dream" a silly name but who care. There was not many people so we didn't wait long to order.
"order what ever you want I'm paying so don't worry"

"Well I've never been here before...what do you recommend?"

"sure I would recommend the big chocolate volcano" I say this as a test for to see if she finish it. I want to if she can be may piggy to fatten.

"Ummm...sure! I'll let you treat me" She giggle softly, thinking that there's no way she could finish that

"ok I will have a cone with two scoops of cookies and cream with a big chocolate volcano that will be all" I pay for the treats, then I walk her to a booth to wait.We start talk while waiting, we really seem to be hitting it off.

"Wow! I can't believe we work in the same building! How have I never seen you before?!" she giggle, reached out and gently touching my hand with her thin delicate fingers.

Our treats come sooner then we thought, I was cut from answering. I look to see her face shocked of the size of ice cream but it more of a dessert for four people.

She stare at the massive bowl of ice cream, brownies, melted chocolate, and fudge in front of her."Wowser..." She take her spoon and slowly start eating and her eyes widen, completely entranced by the deliciousness.

"I try to keep to myself that why we have not meet before, but I'm glad that we have now." I say while eating my ice cream.She simply nod, eating more of the ice cream.

"do you like it" I say with a grin on my face Shenods again, digging into the ice cream. For some reason, She just can't stop eating it.I think to myself wow she can eat, it seem like she could pass but she slowing down a bit. She has to eat it all for her to pass my test.

She continue to eat until there is one spoonful left. She leans back in the booth and stifle a burp, her belly sticking out considerably. She looks like she might need some encouragement. I look her in the eyes and say,

"come one bite left you can do it" and then I get a idea " eat that last bite I will give you my contact info and I throw in there rest of my ice cream just for kicks what do you say to that."

She grunts softly, rubbing her rounded out belly as she slowly grabs the spoon and finishes the last bite.

"ada girl I know you could do it and now for your reward"

She moans softly, watching as I feed her the rest of my ice cream.

"now wasn't that good" i said as I thought to myself she passed with fly colors this could be great for the both of us.

She rub her belly and stifle a belch, a bit of ice cream on her face. She made quite the pig out of herself doesn't even know it.I clear her face with a big smile, thenI lean in to kiss her.She blushes and looks at me and I leans in to kiss me as well. We look at each other with smiles ear to ear.We sat a talk to let the ice cream settle, and we trade info with each other. We left I walk her to her apartment hold her hand on the way.

I look at her she blush slightly, she does not notice that her belly is still sticking out a bit. "Well this is you...want to come in?" She says with a inviting tone.

"sure I have the day off tomorrow so yeah" I say implying that I will stay the night with her.

"Alright cool!" She giggled as she took me up to her apartment. It's very clean and neat on the inside. She kicks off her shoes,
"I'm going to go change real quick! Make yourself comfortable" She leave me alone to snoop a bit to learn more about her my new piggy.

As she changed her clothes I go to her kitchen to see what thing she like, there was not much for cooking just a lot snack. She must order takeout great that will work, l check the Tv area and see a roku I get a idea a wait for you to come back.

She walked back out into the living room wearing leggings and loose t shirt.I look her over to see that your belly was still poking outward even while wearing a loose shirt." Hey want order some pizza and watch some tv."

"Pizza? Uh sure!" she smile, almost forgetting the huge bowl of ice cream She just had, she plop down on the couch. I imagine her becoming so large that she break it

I place a order for way to much pizza for just two people, but it isn't for me it for my new piggy."This is going to be the most you have ever eaton and your never going to notice it" I said quietly to myself, I go and sit next to her.She flip through the shows and lean against me, resting her head on my shoulder while we wait for the food and she have no idea how much you ordered.

There is knock at the door I get up to check, its the pizza I pay and I give the man a big tip he earned it for helping bring the food so I can fatten her.She don't even glance over as I hid the rest of the boxes in the kitchen and only bring two of them out to her

"I hope your hungry" I open the boxes I eat my feel living the rest for her, she down one box I take it bring her something to drink and two more boxes.With Netflix to distract her, she doesn't even realize all that She's eating as she devour a third box of pizza and down half a 2 liter of soda.

She start to slow down so I hand feed her the final three boxes, I amazed at your big belly and start rub it. She is in total bliss and pleasure.

She moans softly, her thickening arms laying limp at her sides as She let me stuff her. I leave the last piece of greasy pizza on her new massive gut which is starting to cover her a part of her lap now, I try to encourage her to finish the last slice of pizza.

" If you finish the last one we can done something special." I whisper in your ear and kiss her greasy mouth.
She moaned loudly, she turning into a fine piggy, She lazily grabs the slice resting on her belly and cram it into her mouth with sauce and grease getting all over her face.

"Good now we wait for the food to settle so I can give you your reward " I clean her face look in to her pretty eyes. Her eyes get bit glazed over, she belches from the stuffing she just had. I look at her, she well over 185lbs at this point which is too small for me.She has not notice that she put on 20lbs, I continue to rub her gut for a while until we start make out on her couch. Shemoans softly into the kisses

I take off her shirt as will as her leggings living her in a small bra and small panties.The bra and panties both look like theyre ready to pop off
She take off my clothes out of pure lust as we being to get more into it
She grunts softly and start to pant
At this point we are both naked I lay her down on her back and I start to thrust back and forth each time making her belly jiggle.

We continue to make love, with the time passing by it get better for the both of us. After climax she falls into a deep sleep, I rub her big gut while she sleep I whisper in her ear, "You should know I have a power over people minds, you are one of those people. You don't even know what going to happen to you but you will enjoy it I'm sure of that."
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Theswordsman 5 years
I wonder if roxy will follow in her footsteps.
Monokuma 5 years
Chrysophase2003 it is a real relationship between them it not complete mind control but that sound like a good idea. We she becomes immobile it would surprise her but she will like it. Not a dark story.
Monokuma 5 years
Chrysophase2003 also he has power over her body making her gain a little easier. But for the feedee she want to eat she like it and she wanted to gain weight after see some new weight on her.
Monokuma 5 years
Chrysophase2003 as for the characters the feeder has the power over her mind but does control like a puppet all he does is make her not notice the weight she has gained.
Monokuma 5 years
Chrysophase2003 I wanted the the story to be unrealistic so would be easier to write for a first so is no health problem happen.Oh and spelling mistake sorry about that.
Chrysophase2003 5 years
The latter is preferable, as too many stories end once immobility has been reached when it's a state many readers want to hear more of. That's normally because an immobile character can't do much. So, you need others to do things to/for them.
Chrysophase2003 5 years
-immobility are the result regardless which induces it. The kicker will be that he gets to blame her for starting it all. From there, you can end the story, or keep it going via Stockholm Syndrome and the feeder's twisted intent to start a family. (TBC)
Chrysophase2003 5 years
-size. That way he can enjoy her begging and trying to fight as he force feeds her daily, until either her spirit breaks, her health takes a sudden turn, or she finds she's too big to get off the bed, and later too big to move her arms. Domination and imm
Chrysophase2003 5 years
Or will her feeder remove her conditioning because he's not just controlling but a sadist, and wants to enjoy her reaction? Maybe he'll do it when she's too big to get away, but isn't yet immobile. The house is just a soundproofed prison for someone her s
Chrysophase2003 5 years
Will all the mounting inconsistencies aid her in breaking free to see reality? Will she come close to seeing reality but be so horrified that she retreats back into the lie and let the onslaught of pleasures melt her brain? (TBC)
Chrysophase2003 5 years
Last, there's the concept that makes this story so unique: hypnosis. How will it stand up to the radical change in her lifestyle? Immobility, medical devices, feeding pumps, etc? (TBC)
Chrysophase2003 5 years
I'm personally a fan of health realism. The toll carrying the extra weight takes on both body and mind, as well as medical intervention to keep the feedee comfortable and alive. PM me if you want details on real (and extreme) medical intervention.
Chrysophase2003 5 years
You've established that her feeder is manipulative, that's why she was hypnotized in the first place, so it's expected that he'll work to cut her off from the outside world before it becomes clear to others she's being fattened up. 3/
Chrysophase2003 5 years
Aside from the spelling errors, I think now that page 6 has been presented the reader will expect her to be taken to live at his place, which has been prepared for her care, comfort, and impending immobility. 2/
Chrysophase2003 5 years
It's a riveting story with excellent pacing. Most stories that change POVs present the same seen over multiple times. Instead, you know what points the reader wants to read. I think the story needs to be proofread before you post it; many spelling errors
Theswordsman 5 years
You could make it to where she bursts out of her clothing during her feast
Monokuma 5 years
This is me first story I've written on here I would like feedback on this chapter so I write the next one and if this story ends up well I continue writing stories