Silenced screams

chapter 1

Natalie was very active. She ate healthy, went on runs, and exercised frequently. Natalie's house was pretty nice, easily worth $200,000 but the houses surrounding her street were pretty ghetto.

There were 4 trailer parks and at least 6 register sex offenders in the neighborhood. Natalie was saving money to get a nicer house but was far from her goal. She carried pepper spray that was made to stop a bear but fortunately never has had to use it.

The weather hasn't been so good recently so Natalie has been holding off on her exercise routines, and has been eating a bit more unhealthy recently. This all added up to her gaining some weight but she was so busy at the office that she didn't even notice.

A few weeks have passed and Natalie has practically deserted her usual runs. She tells herself its her cheat month and she'll pick up the usual routine soon. She had to get new cloths as her old ones are far too hard to get passed her thighs let alone her ass with. People at work seem to have noticed as she gets a lot of smirks and looks. It's as if they like it. Natalie was the office hottie so everyone keeps tabs on her.

It's been a month and Natalie has defiantly packed on the pounds. She now weighs in at 136 lbs. She decided that its bad for her and that she needs to lose the weight so she resumed her walks. She put on her jogging cloths which are very stretched out and reveal her new soft belly and left. Once she reached the sketchy part of town she realised she left the pepper spray. Her heart skipped a beat but she calmed down quickly. Once she turned onto a rather empty street she felt a hard whack to her leg causing her to fall to the ground. Her phone slipped out of her pocket and when she reached for it her arm was whacked by what looked like a wooden baseball bat. She screamed but her screams were silenced by a rag that was crammed into her mouth. She kicked and squirmed in the back of the van but her movement was limited due to the ropes constraining her arms and legs. She couldn't see anything as she was blind folded. She felt the van come to a stop and heard the roar of the engine silence she stayed still and listened carefully for footsteps or chatter amongst the kidnappers but heard nothing.
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