Sommer's weight gain

chapter 1- setting the scene

Date: December 7th

Time: 9:12

Location: local Italian restaurant

Callum patiently awaits for his Tinder date to arrive, beginning to be believe that he had been stood up as she was supposed arrive at 9:00 pm, had he been cat-fished? She looked amazing on her profile toned figure, with her on holiday. Why would a girl like that, get with a guy like Callum? he was an above average looking guy, average/toned build, 6"3, but was leagues below what Sommer was.

His head springs up as he hears the Italian worker greet someone at the door, but he didn't have a clean view of who it was, "Ah my love! You must be Mr David's date for this evening, let me take you to your table.

with Callum's heart now pumping he stands up to greet his date and to pull her a chair to the table, she emerges round the corner, in heels and a skin tight red dress, cleavage that was over exposed but that didn't mind Callum in the slightest, the thing on his mind was how she looked a lot different than her profile pictures...

Bigger than her profile pictures (this wasn't a problem for Callum as he always had a thing for bigger women) she now possessed wide, wide hips which swayed as she walked along with her brown and blonde, long, waves hair, thick thighs and chunky calfs, which had almost ate up her ankles, a small pot belly which shown through her dress, big breasts that anyone would struggle to keep their eyes off her slightly plump, rounded face. She speaks first.

"You must be Callum right?" "yes! and you must be Sommer", Callum replied, they hugged, both they're body's pressing together, they both sit down, Sommer sighs and lets out a small burp.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" said Sommer now covering her mouth, "It's fine!" Callum replied, "it's perfectly natural" Sommer Responds "Must have been the family Curry meal I had just now, which is why I'm late, it wasn't my fault" she chuckles.

Not giving Callum time to think about what she said "One of the past family meal get together pictures is on my Tinder if you seen it? it was from ages ago though" this got Callum thinking, "it must be the picture of the group of obese people sitting around the table with theyre belts and trousers/ skirts unbuttoned, that's her Family?!" "Callummm" said Sommer, snapping Callum out of a daze of shock showing him her phone, beholding the picture which is on her profile.

"There I am" said sommer showing a slimmer younger version of herself sat in the corner which matched the rest of the pictures in her profile "how young do I look there!" exclaimed Sommer "Very" chuckled Callum, "anyways" changing the subject, "what are you having?" "where do I start" said Sommer now beginning to flick through the menu, "where do I start"
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Theswordsman 4 years
I wonder how much weight she's managed to gain
LeandroAlex 4 years
🇧🇷 Brazilian portuguese 🇧🇷

Bom começo bom começo
Fatchance 4 years
good start!1