Stories about my life

Chapter 1 - presentation

Hi! I'm Karine, a french girl. I live near a city called Metz, in the east of France. I'm 5.5" tall blonde. Blue eyes, and let's say it, more curves than many french men can handle...
I'm not your average french girl because i'm really fat, really obese in fact. I weight around 500lbs. I'm fat all over, every part of my body is fat.
In France lots of people find my body disgusting, but i learned to love it. Being young and supersized is tricky sometimes, especially in France. French people are not fat friendly. I don't find clothes, i don't fit in lots of public places etc.
As you can imagine, i'm not very fit. Lugging all those curves around quickly drain my stamina!! People often see me as the huge blonde huffing and puffing, her too reavealing dress barely containing her rolls of fat! And i love it! I really love to reveal my big curves!!

I really love when i caught someone staring at my huge butt or cleavage! It makes me so confident! I almost forgot all the drawbacks of being that big! I really like to use my huge body to flirt too! I can brush your back when i walk behind you at the bar. I can do it lightly, or more firmly to make sure you notice this contact. ;) I love when men take advantage of a langorous dancing session to hug me tight and feel every bulging roll. After two or three song i generally get tired and i love when my partner suport me with his arm to return to my seat. Feeling a man rough body against my flabby body really pleases me!! I may sound rude but i love when someone behave like a gentleman with me. The added excellence of a man lusting for my body, for all my bulges, curves and fat make me feel so desirable!! It don't happen very often, and when everybody around you is rather fat shaming, feeling someone who really desire you for your body and finds you sexy can really brighten your day!!

I think i've already said much things about me, i hope to hear about you!!

If you want to talk, you're welcome!!


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Luke86 2 months
I love this very much ❤️
2seatsalways 10 months
Sounds like you are living and loving this lifestyle. Better to be handed things than to exert yourself.
Bellylover63 12 months
Wow ! I really loved your account of how your getting so fat that it’s hard for you to stand w. It makes me super horny
Carlos Franc... 1 year
Congratulations,i loved it
Imposcible 1 year
What "s happend to you since five years?
Adip Ophile 1 year
tell us more Karine. please.
LUPO35 2 years
Feederfa 2 years
Il y a de trèès bonnes idées dans ce texte.
Kater1ch 6 years
You sound as an amazing lady dear Karine
Karine 6 years
Thanks! Which kind of aspects of my life do you want me to tell??
Karine 6 years
Thanks!! You're so kind!! smiley
QuebecFA 6 years
You sound like a beautiful and sexy woman, Karine! :-)