The bigger, the better

chapter 1: unlock the answer

"Erin!" my manager calls from the kitchen, "When that pick-up order is gone you can go!"
I give a thumbs up. He smiles and heads back into the kitchen. I bend down and reach for the spray bottle and paper towels under the register and begin cleaning the glass doors of the restaurant. I just started this job a couple weeks ago, and I'm already crushing on one of my managers, Scott. What's strange is there's nothing in particular that stands out about him. I'm just drawn to him for some reason. Of course he is much older than me and has a wife, so there's really no hope in him dating me or anything, not that I think it's right for a manager to be dating a hostess. But still, I wish he'd just notice me. I wish I could catch him staring at me every one in a while.
I'm finished cleaning the doors. Now it's time to do the rest of my outs, which are pretty much chores. As I begin grabbing a trash bag, a customer walks through the door. It's an old man wearing a baseball cap. He's here to pick up his carry-out. Finally, I think to myself. He pays for his food and then is on his way. It's almost nine o'clock now. It should only take me twenty minutes to finish with my outs and then another ten to count my drawer. I should be out of here and home by nine forty-five.
As I bend over to grab a trash bag, someone walks in. I stand up to greet them, but it's my other manager, Wayne. "Hey, Wayne. What are you doing back?"
"Oh, I forgot my check. I came back to grab it." he says. "Is Scott still here?"
I nod my head. Wayne smiles and heads back into the kitchen. I go back to doing my outs. Wayne is the youngest manager of them all. I heard that he started working here when he was fifteen and instead of going to college, he decided to work his way up to manager. He's only twenty-two. He's also very attractive. I guess I have a thing for both of my managers. There are also a couple cute boys who work in the kitchen. One of them is named Grant, and I don't know the name of the other one, but I know he's a cutie. All of the waitresses seem really interested in this one guy, Darion, who works the grill. I don't see what they see in him. I'll just stick with the roster I have now.
My chores are done, and now it's time to count my drawer. I unlock the cash register drawer and carry it through the kitchen into the back cash office.
"Alright, see you later, Scott. And happy birthday again." Wayne waves, check in hand, as he walks out of the office. Scott is sitting at the computer.
"I didn't know today was your birthday, Scott! Happy Birthday!" I say.
Scott chuckles, "Thanks, it's not a big deal. I'm thirty-three now so at this point I'm dreading birthdays." We both laugh. We get along so well.
"Hey, I've got to go to my car for a second, if anyone asks for me."
"Scott, you and I are the only other ones here."
"Oh, right. Anyways I'll be right back."
Scott's so funny. He can put a smile on anyone's face. He's always cracking jokes and pranking the other workers. I hear the backdoor squeak shut.
As I start counting my drawer, I notice Scott left his phone on the desk. I'm tempted to unlock it and see what's on here. Maybe he's been texting his friends about me. Maybe he's actually into me! But what's his passcode? Most people put their passcode as they're birthday...I wonder.... Out of pure curiosity, I type today's date, 0707, into the phone. It unlocks. And staring back at me is a picture of a rather heavy woman. What's Scott doing looking at this? I look at the top of the page... What's that? I hear the back door squeak open. I quickly lock the phone and set it back down and begin counting my money. Scott walks past the office and towards the restrooms. Whew!
I finish counting my drawer right as Scott walks in. "We all good?" He asks.
"We're all good!" I respond.
"Great! Alright, we'll see you tomorrow then, Erin. Have a good night." He smiles at me.
"Thanks, you too." I can feel my face getting red. I quickly walk out so he doesn't see. I fumble getting my car keys out of my pocket as I walk through the restaurant to the parking lot and unlock my car. I get in and put the keys in the ignition. The car roars to life. I pull out and begin driving home. I can't forget that site!
I finally get back to my apartment. I unlock the door and practically run to my computer. I type in into Google and start deep diving into the site.
"So, Scott has a thing for fat women," I say to myself. "But Scott's wife isn't fat. Maybe I could pick up the slack!"
That would totally get Scott to notice me! There aren't any girls at work that are even remotely chubby, so I'd be the only one! He won't be able to take my eyes off of my after a few months of stuffing my face. This is perfect!
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Growingsofter 5 years
Great beginning, love the premise. Please continue.
Jazzman 5 years
Nice Plot!