The coffee shop regular

chapter 1: the summer of 2016

Chapter 1. June 2016
Just another day at work as a barista, making endless coffees and serving customers. It's a job I enjoy but little did I know I would start to enjoy it a great deal more soon.
The shopping center the coffee shop is in opened up a new clothing shop and with it came many new customers, which meant many new regular orders to memorise.
One such regular was Alice. Alice stood at roughly 5ft, had a warm smile, full cheeks, bright blue eyes, and long blond hair. She really was a very beautiful woman, about the same age as me, and in fairly good shape (probably around 110lbs). We got on well from the start.
Alice's regular order was a small chocolate milkshake with cream, and she would order one on each of her four breaks during the day.
Now, these milkshakes do have a high calorie amount, but most people don't realise this.

Unfortunately I broke a few bones in my foot the second week into June and had to take two months off work so after becoming very flirtatious with her for a week I didn't see her again until the end of August.

When I returned to work I was delighted to see Alice once again in the queue. Things had definitely, shall we say, developed? She had gained weight, though I couldn't see much of a difference. Her face had gotten even cuter, her warm smile now accentuated by chubby cheeks and a small double chin now framed her face. Her once lean arms had grown flabby and her perky breasts once small had grown to roughly a C cup. Other than that, I couldn't see any real change as she ordered her drink.
"Hiya, I haven't seen you in a while! I heard you broke your foot?" Alice enquired, as bubbly always.
"Yeah, was quite painful, but I've been put back together now," I laughed "Still having your usual?"
"Yeah, but I think it's changed since you were last here, I now have a large with extra powder and syrup" She seemed slightly shy while telling me this, but I took no notice and finished serving her and made her drink leaving her with a smile as she walked off.
It was only when she walked off that I noticed how wrong I was in assuming she had only gained a little weight.
It seemed Alice was a pear shape, with most of her new weight being stored on her belly, thighs, and ass (the latter two of which had now started to sway drastically as she walked).
She must have weighed at least 150 lbs, which on a small girl was quite a big change.
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ColumbusFA 6 years
I love stories like this! So did you see her again and if so did she continue to gain?
Jazzman 6 years
I like your writing style.This is a nice story