The cost of accommodation

chapter 1: prologue

Sarah was 19, busty, and really broke. Realistically, she should be able to live off the monthly trust fund payments she gets from her wealthy family, but Sarah needed to live in luxury. Used to excess, she rented out a massive bachelorette pad, ate exclusively from fancy restaurants, and only wore designer. Unfortunately in Sarah’s case, excess led to debt, and her parents had threatened to stop sending her money all together if she didn’t stop her frivolous spending.

“Like you can’t afford the money!” Sarah screamed down her newest generation iPhone to her mother. “You NEVER give me what I want! I need this money!” She started to cry, making her sniffling louder so her mother could hear over the phone.

“Sarah, darling, it’s your father’s decision, not mine, maybe if you just cut down a little bit, your father might be more lenient. Maybe find a new apartment, you could have a roommate like in that TV show friends?”Her mother spoke softly.

“Fine” Sarah hung up the phone.

Sarah hated house hunting, why should she live in some slum with other poor people? God, her father was such an arse. She thought her parents were just trying to scare her, but the first Tuesday of the month came, and Sarah wasn’t paid, big red numbers stared back at her.

The first thing to go was her food. Sarah didn’t know how to cook, all she had in her house was bottled water and artisan bread. Next, came her landlord.

“You haven’t sent me your rent again Sarah, you’ve got a week. Or I’ll kick you out”

But the week came and left, what was she supposed to do? Get a job? Ew. So Sarah was left, sobbing outside her apartment with five suitcases of fancy clothes but no house, no money, nada. Then came her saviour, in sweatpants and an oversized sweater. Her Neighbor, Alexis, a stupid nerd who complained when she partied too loud.

“Kicked out?” She looked down at Sarah

“Why do you care?” Sarah spat.

Alexis dropped a flyer in her lap.

‘WANTED: Female roommate to clean apartment in exchange for rent and food.’

“Like I’d set food in your stinky nerd den” Sarah flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder, “Living with you would be punishment enough”

“Fine” said Alexis “Here’s a spare key. You can have the room by the kitchen, don’t put any new food in the fridge or the pantry, I’ve already got enough.”

Alexis didn’t have to ask twice. Sarah was up in a flash, leaving her suitcases for Alexis to bring in.

“You’re going to be punished alright” Alexis muttered under her breath, watching Sarah’s tight ass open the door to her new bedroom.


(AM here, sorry its so short, plan to upload longer chapters soon. This is just meant to set up the basis of the story, let me know what you think)
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