The day after

Chapter 1

i can still barely move. yes, i can imagine you smiling.

did I enjoy eating that much and for that long? not really. at first, yes but toward the end it became almost boring. but i must say at the very end, when i could absolutely not hold another bite and you forced me to finish that last plate before I passed out each night i remember the sensations of your lips and hands on me was awesome.

i thought it would be fun but to be honest it was a real chore doing it. i

have to say feeling myself slowly expand and get heavier was incredible.

breakfast at the buffet every day, then ordering out for burgers or pizza or between the heavy snacks and fruit. and then the all night feedings! be woken up every 2 or 3 hours and fed and massaged until i fell back asleep. how did you do it? your stamina was incredible.

you made me feel like a king. you kept the house real warm and made me wear only my biggest, softest shirt and underwear. we read and watched TV with the coffee table loaded with food and after awhile i couldn't lean forward any more so you helped me to the couch. i remember it was somewhat painful...I had to lay back whenever my gorged belly would start to throb and i knew if i moved it would i remained still until your gentle massaging made the throbbing stop

of course we discovered by just standing and lifting it or laying it on the bathroom’s cool marble counter top would stop the throbbing. you know at first i thought the throbbing was just from the blood trying to reach further than it has before...and the weight of the belly pulling on everything and trapping the nerves or blood vessels or other sensory stuff, but it must just have been my stomach stretching past it's previous capacity.

anyway, all morning it has almost felt like my body is building new fat cells as i sit here and type. yes, overall it was very erotic, and i confess the memories right now are causing me a quite painful erection...

frankly the thought of food is the farthest thing from my mind right now. i had a light breakfast this morning. my lower belly is still swollen and heavy and my skin over all is very warm and tender. my underbelly is very low and heavy and feels like it is being pulled in new ways. this new heaviness and the way my upper belly protrudes now is very pronounced when i move or walk. and my arms now more than ever get forced out a bit by the rolls at the side of my chest as my breasts wrap around my sides. i think you’ll be pleased, that seems to be where my gain is going...breasts and belly. well, and my pubic pad. my manhood is more than ever being engulfed by my growing fat. That area is now very round and plump, I can feel it. In the mirror it looks almost like a second belly. it is incredibly soft and very erotic when i feel it between my legs when i walk. the only problem is I’m afraid I’m going to be VERY uncomfortable when it gets hot. i'm dreading this coming summer being this fat.

i wish you were now to see what you’ve done to me. to feel the heft of this belly, it's amazing. so big and soft. it feels good to close my eyes and stroke the sides. i just dragged a fingernail lightly across my underbelly like you enjoyed doing and I spasmed. my skin is SO sensitive there and when i poke or prod it, it doesn't jiggle. it's soft but very firm. i can hardly get it to move even if i try to pick it up and push it. very solid. almost forgot...i get the most excrutiatingly erotic sensation when I perch it on a high counter and slowly lower myself slowly, very slowly and i can feel the underside skin stretch and then begin to pull on my pubic pad fat. it is incredible. every time i do it i get erect.

i wish you were here. hurry home.
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FrecherTyp 9 years
hehe nice ....
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Pure erotic! Incredibly written!
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yea...good work
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great start hope to see more