The deal

chapter 1

"This isn't working anymore is it" came the statement from Natalie's lips.
It had taken Natalie a while to think that comfortable wasn't what she wanted with James.

James was happily contented with coming home after work and watching the same stuff on TV, never wanting to go out, sex was a special occasion like an anniversary. James thought about the question and shook his head. He loved Natalie but knew after 3 years he couldn't expect her to carry on being miserable. "You should move out" stated James. James looked shocked at the words he'd just spoken but it was his house after all. "I'll give you time" James uttered after taking camp on the sofa allowing a speechless Natalie to sleep in the bed upstairs.

Natalie wanted something more than the occasional "treat" which was what James had called sex. Jesus, what had taken her so long? Natalie flipped open her laptop and spoke to her family and facetimed her mum. Assuring her mum and family she would move out soon and have a place of her own she went to shut her laptop to find a pop-up.
Hesitating, Natalie looked. It was a website called the "list". Curiosity got the better and Natalie clicked.

There were games, unwanted kniknaks and just about everything in between on the main page. Natalie noticed a side menu and clicked onto housing.

"straight guy living in a two bed apartment. Looking for a companion. All bills paid". There was a button to contact "seller" so Natalie curiously clicked.

After about an hour, Natalie had got ready for bed and slept for a good 9 hours releaved that the relationship was over.

Natalie awoke the next morning feeling a lot less worried than the night before.
She got ready for work, drank her coffee and headed out for the door.
Natalie's day was uneventful, speaking with uninterested people in an uninteresting job was tiring.

Natalie decided on a glass of wine in a nearby bar on the way home.
Sitting there with a large glass of chardonnay, Natalie checked the list again.
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