The fattening house maid

chapter 1

Kathryn was a pretty girl, 5"6, toned stomach, 140 lbs with most of it in her ass and thighs, and the rest in her perky but jiggly C-cup breast.
She was a volleyball player and dancer in high school and couldn't afford college so she went to work with her mother at their family maid service. When she started she was 120 lbs and very skinny but with no sports to keep her metabolism in check she had put on weight in the first few years there. It was a older style maid service where her uniform was a black shirt and skirt with a small white apron tied around the front.
She loved the work, she was naturally a very neat person and all her customers loved her because she was so good at her job and so friendly to them. Some customers would even leave out food with a note saying she could have some, but it was mostly fruit or a left over cookie or two.
She walked into a new house of a family that had just moved into the rich neighborhood. She was greeted by the mother she assumed and was shown around the massive house and taking notes of the specific things she needed to clean. Afterwards the mother took her into the kitchen and said, "Oh and if you ever get hungry while cleaning feel free to help yourself to whatever we leave on the counter or drinks in the fridge!" It was at this moment that Kathryn noticed the woman's weight, she was a heavier woman with a muffin top from her jeans that looked like they wanted to pop open. "I need to make sure I never look like that in my jeans", Kathryn thought to herself.
The mother left a few minutes later to go to work and Kathryn began to clean the house. A hour in she started to feel hungry and remembered she missed breakfast because of a hangover from a crazy night with her friends, she decided to take a break and see what the fridge had for food. She opened the fridge to see it fully stocked with very fattening foods and drinks, almost no fruit. "Wow, no wonder that mom can barely button her pants" Kathryn said out loud to herself. She picked a leftover piece of cake and happily ate it to satisfy her hunger. The cake was rich and chocolaty, it was the best cake she had ever had, "maybe one more piece wouldn't hurt" she said smirking to herself. She finished the piece quickly and returned to work.
Two more hours past and it was lunch and she was barely halfway through cleaning, it wasnt helping that she was stopping every thirty minutes to eat. She took out her lunch she brought and ate it very quickly and then helped herself to another piece of cake. "I like this house already" she said smiling, not noticing that her apron felt a bit snugger than normal. She finished the rest of the house with some snacking and left. On the way home she picked up Mcdonalds like she always did after work but decided to get a large fry and drink vs her normal medium. She finished the meal and drink by the time she got home. She took off her uniform, didn't notice the little bloated belly she had from her day and put on some sweats and lounged around the rest of the night before having a midnight snack to finish off her day of eating.
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Please continue
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I really love the story so far! I'm eagerly awaiting Chapter 5! :-)