The new warden and catwoman

chapter 1 fixed

The new warden of Arkham Asylum looked at her new prisoner through the glass mirror. Given the task to turn down the escapes from Arkham was her number one priority. Who more prefect to test the new process on then the master escape artist herself, Catwoman. The warden pressed on the button in front of her as she began to speak into the microphone.

"Now Miss Kyle, you do know that this place is only for those with a mental illness?"

"Oh yes I know that darling. You see, I just have this strange urge to take something to my liking. If it belongs to someone else or not doesn't seem to concern of me, I believe my lawyer described me as a kleptomaniac." The tone in Selina's voice caused the warden to tighten her grip until the pen snapped in frustration. Selina just sat alone in the room grinning at the mirror in front of her as the warden contained herself to finish the interview.

"I see." Looking over to the assistants besides her, they seemingly gave her the okay. "Well I hope you enjoy your stay her in Arkham and live.... comfortably. "

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Now dressed in the standard orange uniform, Selina tried to have some fun with the guard. "How long do you think you can keep me locked up this time? A week? A day?" The guard just ignored her taunting and continued walking her downstairs to her personal room. "Don't be like that big guy, I will be sure to say goodbye to you when I escape." Her taunting paused for a brief moment as they approached a door she was far to familiar with. "Solitary confinement already, you sure know how to treat a lady. At least let me say hello little old Harley and Ivy."

Without a response the guard just shoved her into a surprisingly lit room and closed the door. In fact the whole room came to a surprise to Selina. It resembled a studio apartment more than a cell. It had everything; an actually bed, bathroom, couch, fridge, cabinets, TV, all crammed into a 20x20 space.
"I hope you like the adjustments I made." Selina looked around and found the Warden's voice coming from the speakers around the room. "I felt like the old one was to barbaric for proper rehabilitation. Let us know if anything is not to your liking, we can hear and see you if anything is needed."

'Meeeeeow' Selina quickly scooped out the room for any flaws or exploits for her escape and found many. 'This warden must be even more crazy than the rest us.' Extra sheets, bobby pins, easy access to electrical equipment, it was almost like they wanted her to escape. The only annoying part was the constant sound of the elevator like music playing in the room.

"Your rehabilitation process will begin in two weeks." The voice from the speakers announced. "Until then make yourself at home. You are a patient in my care, not a criminal. I will correct you into the image I see fit so you can adjust into society again."

"Whatever you say hun." She was eager to begin further scoping out the room, but didn't want to make it to obvious. "Hope you don't mind if do a couple stretches to feel more at home do." The agilely villain then proceeded to demonstrate her aerobic ability all over the room in her playful manor. She spotted only 3 cameras with what looks to be like 4 blind spots and a speaker at each corner. She became more and more suspicious throughout the day, looking for hidden cameras or wires. Nothing was found. The cabinets could have even been broken to form a weapon if she wanted to. This whole setup scream rookie warden all over it.

Wasting no time she then plopped onto the couch and turned on the TV. 'There ain't no rush to leave this time. Might as well enjoy this little vacation I have been given.'

Back in the office the Warden began scribbling notes in her journal. "Begin phase one of the plan. I want all of you to document any changes that you see through this phase precisely." The Warden then walked out leaving her assistants to monitor Catwoman.
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Uneas06 1 year
Great story really brilliant writing please keep updating.
Ianmoone 2 years
Best one I've ever read. Great job!
AndiFive 3 years
I want to thank you for the chapter and say that I am looking forward to the next one and that I also really want to read a chapter or a story of Zatanna that you described.
Interesting 3 years
I think you should make a new story of ivy and Harley getting fat
Pillow 6 years
Thank, I am glad you like it so far. I am looking forward to writing that part of the story.
SilverPathfi... 6 years
Very interesting story. I really appreciate the progressive weight gain and how she is oblivious about it. Would be nice to see her attempt escape soon with that new and still expanding figure of her ^^
Pillow 6 years
Feel free to let me know what you think. I wasn't sure if I went over stuff to fast or spent to much time on little details. I will try to take the feed back into the next parts, thanks.