The perfect job

chapter 1

Emily was a beautiful 23-year old girl her 5'10" and 120 lbs, plus her beautiful features made every man fell in love with her. Her body was slim, her stomach was toned and flat, the legs were thin and long. She had long blonde hair and green eyes. Her skin was pale but pretty and her face was just something to talk about, it looked perfect with her very white teeth.

She had a fight with her parents and family thats why she broke all contact with them. On that moment she didn't mind. The only problem was that she needed a home and she had little money.

One day she was talking to her bestfriend Sarah and told her story about her family. She also asked if she knew a job where Emily can join. "Cashier, baker, cop, teacher" said Sarah. "But then I have to work my ass of from 7:00 till 18:00 that is not what I can do" Emiliy answered. (Emily was a very lazy girl). "I have only one option left, what you can do".
"What is it?". "You can work as a test subject in researches, you have to do nothing but do little things for professors and get a big paycheck"
"That sounds great" Emily said.

So Emily browsed on the internet where she could get a job as a test object. When she saw a advertisement about an eating project she read about it. The test person had to follow a special diet for a year and the researches have to control the body results a few times. The reward was $100.000 if the person would complete the project a year. "That would be so easy to get" Emily thought.

A day after she saw the advertisement she visited the building. She gave her name at the reception and waited a few minutes. "Ms. Robertson!" a man said from the patientroom. Emily stood up and walked to the man and shoke hands together. "My name is Peter Jones" the man said. "Nice to meet you I am Emily Robertson". Emily asked if Peter can give all the details about the project. And so he said that Emily had to follow a diet which in she only must eat fat food everyday. And every month they would check how her body has changed. Emily had never eaten junk food before because she had to maintain her skinny goddess figure. But now she needed money and it was very easy to earn the money by doing the project. And she finally could let herself go by trying fatty foods and gain weight, which was a thing she would want to try once in her life. "I will do it" emily said. "That's great, now first we will weigh you". Emily stepped on the scale as the numbers reached 120lbs. "By the way we will give you $1000 dollar by every 10 pounds you gain, see it as a compensation" Now was Emily also determined to gain as much weight as possible. This will be the start of my new life smiled Emily.

Please give comments about the story. As this is my first ever story and English isn't my native language. I am in for improvement
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