The power of roland

chapter 1:the journey.

This is the first story about this topic that I do and the first one that I publish. Forgive the writing, I do not usually write in English. It has taken me a lot of effort.
I hope you like it!

Chapter 1: The Journey.

Like every morning, I got ready to take the bike and go to class. That year at last I had managed to enter the university. After several minutes pedaling through the old streets of Venice, I realized that the street that led to the entrance of the university was cut and the only way to get to class was by that old ruined building where the homeless lived now. . Time was pressing and I accidentally tripped and fell off the bike in front of some homeless. The shame, the fear and the time were not on my part so I left there very quickly forgetting the bike in the half-flooded bump in which I stumbled. On the way to the exit of that old building I came across the basketball team of the institute. They were wearing red official shirts and i could not understand why.The university did not have money for official clothes.
-Why were not they in class? -I asked myself.
I let the situation pass and when I was at the gates of the center I realized.
-I've forgot my bike. Fuck.
I shot off in the opposite direction scanning that building with my eyes until I saw it, shot right where I left it. I picked her up, and knowing that I did not arrive early, I decided to return to the university more calmly. After a few laps, I managed to see the exit, but something was not right. I was not in high school, but in strangely busy alleyways.
-... what?
 The bluish color of the environment gave me the feeling that something had happened. That place should not be there. It was at that moment when she appeared. A girl suddenly arrived, took my hand, put it on her stomach and kissed me. The girl was wearing a yellow top so I could feel the soft flesh of her belly in my hand. During that intense kiss came to shudder so I could feel his rolls stacked in my hand. As soon as I separated his lips from mine, I could see who he was.
-Alice Campbell...? What are you doing?
Alice was one of the most popular girls of the institute in which I graduated, and was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. I could not believe that he would appear like that, after so many years, with a little belly and a few extra pounds and kiss me that way.
-Definitively something is not going well here. I thought while our lips remained a short distance away.
-Roland, you just have to think, wish what you most want. -Expressed Alice with a sweet and warm voice.
-What do you say? Alice, are you okay? You can not be well
-Come on, I'll show you. -Then Alice separated my hand from her belly and pulled me to the door of the first house she saw.
-Right here.
-Right here? What? Who lives here? -I said with increasing stress.
Without a key, without anything, he grabbed the doorknob and opened it as if it were his own house. There was nothing inside but a kitchen and a bedroom.
-Come, I'll show you with a practical example. -then Alice took a loaf of bread from the kitchen and sat on the bed.
-Let's come here.
-This is very extrange. I just went to class ... -Shut up and put this in my mouth.
-... Alice ... -Let's go, I know you're looking forward to it. You are looking forward to see me fatten up from first.
After that sentence I was speechless. I did not know what was happening, but it seemed to be in paradise. Without thinking twice, I grabbed the loaf of bread and approached her beautiful red lips.
-Now think. Want... Make it happen.
And just finished saying that, she grabbed the bar with one hand and began to eat like a wild while with the other hand touched his belly.
-You feel it? Wait until I finish it.
After two minutes, Alice had eaten a whole pan bar.
Alice walked until she was right in front of me, at a distance of a few inches.
- I notice ... touch. He whispered in my ear.
Then he took my two hands and put them on his belly.
-... Holy shit.
His belly was swelling. It was filling with fat in the perfect places at the time. It seemed to be filling with gelatin like a water balloon. My hands felt the growth as they sank little by little into the flesh. Then she, caressing my face, kissed me.
-This is what you were wanting, right? -She said.
-Yes ... but I did not imagine what would happen. I must be dreaming.
- Then we will discuss the details and I will explain some things to you. Now ... keep thinking, continue.
I could not believe it, but it was happening. After that, Alice lowered her panties, grabbed my penis and put it carefully in the vajina while I kept noticing in my hands how fat she was getting. Right there, standing, Alice and I started fucking.
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