The princess and the dwarf

chapter 1

The forest was cloying, impenetrable and growing moreso. Roots seemed to reach out and trip him, or divert his path maliciously almost as if they were guiding him deeper into the darkening gloom for some unknown purpose.

Gamli, a dwarf surprisingly tall and equally surprisingly fat even for dwarves, was tiring quickly, dwarfishly strong despite his weight he knew he couldn't go on much longer. His chain mail and battle axe a heavy burden...slowing him down, tiring him.

The only lightness about him was his empty food sack and dry water skin, contents of both long inside him and swinging low in his protruding gut.

He was lost, hopelessly lost and with the shadows lengthening from the east further closing in he knew he was in desperate straits.

At the last flicker of the waning sun he spotted a protected place between two large tree roots to curl up, and retreating into himself in despair, he wrapped his arms around his slack belly in a vain attempt to ease his hunger.

As darkness closed him into its stealthy embrace, his gnawing hunger pains faded with the approach of the sweet blessing of sleep.

He awoke to a distant rustle through the trees. Gripping his axe even as he blinked his bleary eyes, he looked around. Finding nothing he started to lay back down when he glimpsed a spark of light in the distance. Thinking it to be his sought after comrades he struggled to his feet and headed towards it.

The darkness and gloom were more impenetrable now, every minute growing dimmer, he followed the dancing flicker, the gleam appearing and disappearing as he weaved through the massive trunks of the stifling forest.

As Gamli neared the flickering light, the sounds of a raging battle reached his ear; shrill gurgles and the rattle of scrabbling claws as sprays of dark green ichor sprayed the small clearing lit by a small campfire.

Just as he reached the edge of the opening he saw the source of the commotion, a young elf was struggling mightily with the largest spider he had ever seen, it's mate laying on its back, dead, legs still twitching. As he ran forward to assist he watched the elf expertly plunge his glowing sword into the spider's underbelly with a shout, transfixing the huge insect as it lunged over him, crushing the elf underneath.

Despite his distrust of elves, he knew he should help this member of the ancient forest clans. Hurrying to the side of the giant dead insect he could see the elf's hand moving, evidence of life.

Quickly shouldering the side of the stinking creature, Gamli heaved and raised the corpse high enough to allow the once pinned elf to struggle free.

Dropping the side of the spider he stood back, both elf and dwarf panting from their exertion as they appraised each other in the flickering campfire. He noted the elf was smaller than others of the race, and as he looked closer he felt the beginnings of wonderment... the proportions didn't seem quite right for a male, his suspicions quickly confirmed as the elf loosened her tightly braided hair and shook it out into long glowing platinum waves.

She was well proportioned, sturdily built, her clothing and armor almost completely disguising her shape. She shook her head, tossing her hair back and smiling, whispered "well met, dwarf."
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Dragorat 10 years
Very entertaining
Liz Blue BBW 10 years
That was lovely. ....Middle Earth and a fat man.... Two of my favorite things