The sweetest barista (free edition)

chapter 0.5

Strawberry Creme Frappuccino with heavy cream. Four scoops vanilla powder. Six scoops Java chips. Extra whip cream and extra mocha drizzle.

Kiara always had a sweet tooth, and it was evident in one of her favorite orders at her local Starbucks. It's a bit pricey though, so she only got it every now and then. But the one she was slurping down right now was her fifth one in the past three days. And they definitely weren't the only sugary items she's been enjoying for free.

5'9 and 220 pounds, Kiara has always been on the chubby side, mostly thanks to her sweet tooth and her mother trying her best to restrict her child's eating habits. But after years of customer service, Kiara had finally saved up enough to move out of her parents' house and get herself a cheap little apartment that quickly turned into a slobs dream.

Snack cake galore filled her cabinets along with dozens of different junk foods that could hardly be considered a meal, but to Kiara they were delicious and full of sugar, and that was all that mattered to her.

It was that same sweet tooth that decided "Why not? Fun job. Good benefits. Free drinks. Sounds great!" as she applied to Starbucks, and her waistline would never be the same.

Kiara think much of it when she attempted to put on a pair of pants that morning and found them too tight. Her weight would sometimes fluctuate slightly, so she always accommodated by keeping pants even if they were a bit small cause the next week she might fit them again.

So she grabbed another pair of pants - once again too tight. Kiara tossed them to the side with a huff and reached for another pair. This one she gave a couple jumps, her body jiggling uncontrollably as she wrestled the slacks. She attempted this with two more pairs before collapsing on her bed that gave out a nervous creak, trying to catch her breath.

If it wasn't obvious already, Kiara wasn't much of an athlete and she hadn't been since... Well, for as long as she's been alive.

Luckily Starbucks allowed her to wear dresses, so she got to work trying to find a work appropriate dress. Well, after laying in bed for a good five minutes wondering if she really wanted to get up again and a few seconds to rock herself with enough momentum to stand up.

Kiara grabbed a plain black dress from her first job, where she was a hostess of a fancy restaurant. As she went to slide it on, it became very obvious how many years it had been since she bought it.

When she was sixteen, she was a c-cup with a slight pudge of a belly and definitely with some junk in the trunk, but not nearly as much as she does now. There was also about a fifty pound difference, since working in the food industry did a lot for her figure.

Tugging it down repeatedly as she stretched the thin fabric down her thick frame, the front struggling to contain her DD breasts and her stomach that had since learned how to pack a large greasy pizza in one sitting while saving room for plenty of desert. When it got to her love handles things started to get even more difficult from there, as the fabric was stretched out thinner and thinner as it was forced to contain her expanding hips, thunder thighs, and her shelf of an ass.

Every roll was emphasized. The outline of her underwear was clearly visible. Kiara didn't even notice however, as she tied on her apron, put on her hat, and headed out the door.

"Thank you for choosing Starbucks, how may I help you?" Kiara cheerfully greeted into the drive through the mic, before quickly muting it while customer struggled to read the menu, choosing to greedily gulp down her favorite sugary drink. A couple hours in her shift and she was already slurping down her second one. The more she consumed of her large cups of sugar and cream, the more the seams of her old dress screamed in protest.

It didn't help that they had a very frazzled barista on duty with the oven, and he kept bringing her the wrong pastries. 'They are going to get thrown out anyway,' Kiara would think every time with a shrug and snack away on them as she continued to work. Muffins, cake pops, brownies, and anything else that came her way on accident would make their way into her growing belly.

This cycle continued for the next few hours, with more of her favorite drink of course, until it was finally time for her lunch break. Kiara had quickly learned that she wasn't a fan of the sandwiches at Starbucks, so instead what she always did for her lunch break was grab a few cake pops and then head out to her car to drive to a local fast food place.

Taking off her apron and tossing it over her arm as she walked over to her car, it only made it more obvious how much her dress was struggling to cover her swollen belly.

A struggle that finally gave out when Kiara sat down.


Kiara looked down to see her dress had torn vertically right down the front of her belly, her dark flesh oozing to spill out.

Blushing a deep red, she quickly put her apron back on. Out of sight, out of mind.
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I was actually planning on doing that! And I made it premium cause it was one of my most popular stories and I need to pay bills lmao
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