Walter high (free version)

chapter 1

While many schools liked to flaunt their high percentages and how they dominate other schools statistically, Walter High School was different. They did extremely well on an academic scale that brought them up on the list of top one hundred public schools in America, but there was one thing that they topped at number one not just in the nation, but in the world, that they weren't exactly bragging about.

Most schools had an average weight amongst their students of 120 pounds, but the students at Walter High averaged out at 215 pounds. Many of the students were so severely overweight that the school had to place plenty of large, sturdy benches along the walls of the wide hallways so that those that grew exhausted by simply walking between classes had a place to rest.

The reason for this, no one could figure out exactly. The school did their best to enforce healthier lunch options and make all the students attend classes on active living, but nothing seemed to work. Students would simply bring their packed lunches - most filled with chips, candy, and soda that wouldn't even make it to lunch - or drive out to nearby fast food places and try to shove as much delicious, greasy food down their gullet that they could in the short time they had before they needed to waddle their way back to class.

Heather was the first one that gave up on walking down the halls with her large frame that had to constantly carry around hundreds of pounds of blubber and started to ride around the school in a mobility scooter. Soon after, many other students followed suit as the average weight at Walter High continued to climb higher and higher.

Even students that began their freshman year determined to stay thin soon gave in to that idea as they quickly started to expand. In fact, if a majority of the freshman coming in weren't under two hundred pounds, the average weight of the whole school would be a lot higher.

Needless to say, when Haley transferred in a couple weeks after the school year started due to her father's work, she was not expecting the sight before her. She had never before seen so many obese people in her life - especially any so young as to still be in high school!

Haley was quickly beginning to feel smushed as she did her best to maneuver the hallways full of large bellies and jiggling behinds, which wasn't hard to believe considering her petite 4'11 frame.

Every class she sat in, almost every single kid was snacking on something while the teachers weren't looking. In certain classes, the student didn't even bother to hide all of the food they were eating and simply stuffed their faces in full view of the teacher - one kid was even selling bottles Dr. Pepper in her geometry class!

By time it everyone was dismissed for lunch, Haley was scared what the school must serve for such widespread obesity amongst it's entire student body!

By the time Haley made it down the mostly-empty stairs to the cafeteria, more than half of the students were waddling their way toward their cars or handing wads of cash to those offering to pick up pizzas for everyone who either were too young to drive or didn't have a car. Haley made her way to the rather small lunch line to find a full display of vegan food that mostly looked to be rather bland and unappetizing. The teen began to wonder if the reason why everyone was so obese was due to the fact that the food here was so gross that everyone would rather just go out to buy junk food instead.

"Hey there!" said a girl standing in front of her as she looked down at Haley with a smile. She was without a doubt the skinniest person she had seen so far that wasn't a teacher, but, judging by the severe case of muffin top she was having with her too-tight jeans, it didn't look like her figure would last much longer. "I'm Samantha, I just moved here over the summer. Are you new too?"

"Yeah, today's my first day," Haley replied. "I'm Haley, by the way."

"Well, Haley, if there's one thing you need to know," Samantha gestured toward a lunch lady that was serving bowls of what looked to be soup, "it's that the soup here is the only thing that tastes any good. It doesn't matter what kind they have, it always tastes freaking amazing; I can't get enough of it!"

"Thanks for the tip," the smaller of the two said with a smile before they began to chatter away about where they moved here from and their similar interests.

Once they finally reached the lady who was serving the soup, Samantha looked like an anime character with the way her eyes widened with excitement and her large smile looked like it might start dripping with drool any second now.

"I'd like three bowls, please!" Samantha told the lunch lady, whose name tag read "Beatrice", with a gluttonous smile.

Beatrice looked down at Samantha's slightly pudgy belly and jiggling love handles and sighed before handing her a tray with the three bowls of soup on it.

"I'll just have one bowl, please," Haley asked politely. A part of her wanted to be surprised by the amount of food her companion had gotten, but after all the rolls of jiggly bodies and constant stuffing of fatty snacks she had seen over the past few hours, three bowls of soup didn't seem nearly as bad.

Once they had found an empty table - though it was only empty because it was surrounded by other tables full of morbidly obese students that caused it to have so little room between the table and the chairs that a majority of the student body probably wouldn't even be able to sit here - they sat down and Haley unwrapped her plastic spoon to try the bowl of soup before her.

Haley quickly began to place spoonful after spoonful into her eager mouth as her taste buds exploded with such an amazing flavor she had never experienced before. She knew Samantha has said it was good, but the short teen thought she had met by school lunch standards!

As she looked down at the empty bowl, however, Haley felt something that surprised her.

She still felt hungry.

From a young age, Haley never had much of an appetite. After just a few bites, she would feel completely full. That's why, despite all of the junk food that filled her cabinets at home, Haley was still a svete 92 pounds.

But she had just entire bowl of soup - that was a bit on the thick side and was a rather big portion by her standards - but her stomach felt like it had only taken a sip of soda.

Haley looked up at her companion to find her chugging back her last bowl of soup like a frat boy drinks beer at a party.

Samantha slammed the bowl down with a belch and a satisfied grin before reaching into her book bag and pulling out a half-empty container of Oreos. "Man, is that soup good or what?! It's not really that filling though - even after three bowls, I'm still starving!" Samantha shoved a handful of Oreos into her mouth before offering some to Haley.

Haley shrugged and grabbed an Oreo as the two girls began to continue to chat as they snacked on the creme filled cookies, the shorter of the two barely realizing when the box became empty as Samantha brought another unopened one out of her bag and set it on the table, the two shoving cookie after cookie into their constantly moving jaws as they realized that they were both into anime and started to gush about their favorite shows.

By the time the bell rang, the two new friends nearly finished off the second box. As the two stood up to throw away their trash, a new sight was to be seen on Haley - a slight bit of a curve pressing up against her extra small shirt.

"Did you bring any snacks?" Samantha asked Haley as the later shook her head. "Oh my God, I don't know how you survived so far! Here," the slightly pudgy teen handed her short friend a couple bags of chips "take this! Sorry that I don't have much else, I still got to save some for myself!"

Haley felt confused by this, but accepted the chips nonetheless as she and her new friend parted ways to attend their separate classes.

The young teen mostly just left the chips in her bag as she went through the begging of her fourth period class after lunch, despite the slight feeling of emptiness in her stomach. By her fifth period class, however, she felt completely starving despite the fact that it hadn't even been two hours since lunch!

Upon looking around at her fellow classmates - most of whom were at least three times her size - and seeing that they were all eating out in the open, Haley figured that this was one of those classes where the teacher didn't care and pulled out one of the bags Samantha had given her.

Before she knew it, the short brunette had eaten both bags of chips and still had another fifteen minutes left of class. Her hunger had slightly subsided for the moment, but it was nowhere near satisfied.

Once Haley had finally entered her empty home - her dad was often at work and rarely came home on nights where he was working on big projects - the first thing she did was go into her kitchen, grab a few Twizzlers, and sit down on the couch to watch some of the animes that Samantha recommended her.

Before she even got three minutes into the first anime, Haley found herself getting up to grab a couple Twinkies before heading back to the couch to continue watching.

Another couple minutes go by and Haley has to get up again to grab a can of soda and a few cookies before heading back to her anime.

After repeating these trips a couple more times, Haley finally just decided to sit at the island in the kitchen so that she can easily grab any of the snacks her stomach craves.

She quickly gets absorbed into the 1920's mobster anime 91 Days and barely even notices just how many "snacks" she was consuming.

When time for dinner arrives, Haley finds herself not wanting to cook as she continued her anime binge and simply ordered a pizza to be delivered to her house.
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