chapter 1

Mari shifted her feet awkwardly, standing amongst her fellow classmates. They all looked so beautiful, thin, and refined. But then there was Mari, weighing in at 204 pounds, which might as well had been morbidly obese when compared to her classmates.

Even while keeping her eyes on the floor, she could feel all their eyes on her. Alderoc's Magical Academy only accepts the best of the best when it comes to magical ability, so it had a relatively small student population - making her weight stand out all the more.

Mari wishes she could say that her weight was just something that she gained as a child and never managed to shake off, but she knew that wasn't the truth.

Three years ago, when her powers first appeared at the age of fifteen, she could mostly only do one thing, as was the case with most beginner witches and wizards. The thing that set her apart from the majority was that her first power was that, when given proper ingredients, Mari could make the greatest tasting meals and desserts in a matter of seconds.

With her profound sweet tooth, it wasn't long before Mari started packing on the pounds. In just a little under a year, the little witch went from a size four to a size fourteen as she went through a 50 pound gain.

Her weight gain began to slow down a bit once she transferred to AMA, as all the wondering eyes and whispered comments made her feel embarrassed about what she did to herself, but her sweet tooth didn't get any weaker as she steadily grew up to her current size sixteen that was definitely feeling tight as the zipper on her pants were getting nearly impossible to close all the way and under her blazer, her blouse had huge gaps between almost every button as her growing belly started to pool out of its confinements.

Mari didn't know what to do, until one day, while studying for an upcoming illusionists test in the library, the teenager noticed a passage on disguising one's appearance so well that it can trick all five senses of those around you. The only downsides seem to be that whatever physical condition you are in stays the same no matter what - so if she were to make herself look super muscular, she wouldn't be any stronger - and that she would have to be conscious in order to keep up with the spell - so if she fell asleep, her actual appearance would take over.

Mari quickly checked the spell book out and rushed back to her private quarters as fast as her chubby legs would allow.

Closing the door behind her, the chubby witch made quick haste to practice the spell as much as possible. Within half an hour, Mari found herself looking in the mirror and seeing her old slim self staring back. She couldn't believe her eyes - it had been so long since she had seen her size four body looking back at her in the mirror.

Mari laughed with glee, thinking to herself that now she can eat as much as she wants without a care in the world about how others saw her. In celebration, Mari opened up her pantry of all her precious ingredients and began to make a heaping tray of her favorite double chocolate fudge brownies.

As the witch enjoyed her delicious dessert, she also played with her appearance a little. There was no way Mari could show up to class seventy pounds lighter and not have anyone suspect that she's using magic.

She decided to loose a little bit at a time in the illusion as to make those around her think that she lost the weight naturally.

So happy with her plan, Mari quickly finished off her brownies and made some cookies. She could enjoy as much food as she wanted without any worries any longer, and she relished in this fact as she stuffed herself silly until she finally drifted to sleep, her belly more swollen and stuffed than it ever had before as her illusion wore off as she returned to her actual physical state, her school uniform struggling more than ever.

Everyone was fooled by Mari's ruse, even the professors! Over the period of a month, she got her illusioned self to lose about twenty pounds and everyone was talking about it. How did she work it off? What was her secret?

A couple were brave enough to ask, but Mari never gave up the truth and kept everything ambiguous, leading to many more rumors.

The chubby witch was gleefully eating as much of her delicious creations she could without a care in the world, happy that people seemed to finally be accepting her. And, while spending almost every moment she was awake in her slimming body, she was completely blind to how much tremendous weight she was gaining in reality.

While asleep, her big belly stretched out in front of her more than ever before and her thighs had been padded with even more layers of fat. What little distance there was between her lower thighs existed no more as they rubbed together constantly without anyone, not even Mari, realizing it.

Due to the spell, Mari didn't even notice that her uniform didn't even fit her anymore as her blouse hadn't been able to close in three weeks now, the sleeves on her jacked were slowly splitting at the seam, and her skirt, which used to go down to her knees, was now tightly wrapped around the top half of her thighs and would soon start to show off her overworked underwear if it weren't for her illusion.

Due to her constant gluttony of her magical creations - eating in far greater amounts than ever before, especially since she has been using a bit of her magical talents to hide all of the snacks she had been eating in class - Mari's weight went up dramatically, putting her at 229 pounds.

None the wiser, Mari continued to constantly.stuff her face at every waking moment while pretending that she was losing weight.
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Dragorat 3 years
Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry in-te-res-ting!Well written & thought out!I look forward to more of your writing.
Adoragordas124 7 years
Man, this story had almost everything that I love, denial, greedy girls, unfitness, wardrobe malfunctions, if there was some broken furniture and stuckage this will be heaven.

Keep up the good work man!
Womansbellyl... 7 years
Interesting story. Can't wait to see where it's headed!