The things of the hall family

chapter 1

Things of the Hall family

Sarah was shocked and disconsolate. A man of the military office came to her house to inform that her husband, Joshua, was killed in action. Young (only 22), with 3 girls and a fourth to come, housewife and still paying the 6 bedroom house in the rural area, she was desolated, so many plans had come to an abrupt end. At least, the army granted a military pension for life to her and until the age of 23 for the 4 kids. The new life with a granted money combined with the tendency of the Hall family to gain weight had a very high impact to the weight of them.

10 years later, Sarah was huge. She was quite chubby before, with 200lbs (90kg) in her 5'5'' (1,65 m) frame, but grew to 500lbs (227 kg). She learned to cook the most caloric meals while housewife, and always ordered fast-food to her girls to eat at school and outside. With saggy arms, a double chin, pale skin with very deep cellulite and stretch marks, waddling her double belly around, with boobs like puffs and large areolas, sustained by legs who looked like they were melting, and an ass which needed two large chairs to seat, she was quite careless about her appearance. Extremely shy, with her long black hair and glasses, she never searched other men, focusing to raise their kids and being comfy.

Her kids were also fat. Katherine, 14, weighted 450lbs (204 kg). Paula, 14, weighted 400lbs (181 kg). Lilian, 12, weighted 350lbs (159 kg). Florence, 10, weighted 300lbs (136 kg). Kathernine liked to write and read, Paula liked computers, Lilian liked to draw and Florence liked games. They all suffered bullying in school because of their weight, and Florence was the most affected, having developed an anxiety disorder, so she had to study in a separate room. They had developed such a reaaly strong bond, watching the same things and taking care each other, and like their mother, extremely shy, with some fear of men, because they didn't live with them.

One night, after eating dozens of pizzas, Kathernine and Paula started to think about the future. They knew the pensions arent going to forever. Paula said:
-- What will happen with us? Fat and jobless, we won't live past the end of the pensions like that
Kathernine replied:
-- We aren't that dumb, there are lots of jobs and courses at the internet. It isn't the doomsday, we can sustain ourselves.
Paula asked:
-- But things like my own house, college, cars, I woudn't be able to buy with a wage of home office. Mom woudn't be angry or disappointed if I continues to live here past the 20s?
Kathernine answered:
-- No, she woudn't. She is lonely, would like if we continue here, principally if we have jobs. Close and responsible, like a good family.
Paula thought:
-- Yes, you're right. Thank you, I was scaried of that.
Kathernine said:
-- OK, life is scary, so that's why we have each other.

8 years passed, and everyone in the Hall family is immobile. The house now needs a crowd of caretakers to even work, and every day a motorcade of delivery food could be seen at the house. The appearance of the house is of neglect, and if wasn't for the caretakers, the stench would form a cloud in the surroudings.

Sarah now 40, weights 950lbs (431 kg), laying like a formless blob in her bed for 6 years, only watching tv, using the internet and eating. Her ass have the width of a dinner table, her boobs have the size of beach balls, her breathing is so laboured that needs an oxygen tank, she can't raise her arms because of the weight, her glasses and hair are greasy, even her hands are fat. While shoving her tenth hamburger at a row, a caretaker was cleaning her cankles, she just accepted that her destiny is just to eat, get fat and die early, but it was ok, at least her family was following the same way.

Kathernine, now 22, weights 900 pounds (408 kg) in her 5'5'' (1,65 m) height, like her sisters. With her experience in fansubs and her graduation in linguistics, she now works as a freelance translator, earning a good wage for her greediness. The girth of her belly is so immense that needs two caretakers cleaning at the same time. Immobile for 4 years, her legs were so spread that looks like cascades, her arms looks like wide stumps, typing a translation while eating chocolate. Her long and blue hair have stains of sweat and food, and her cheeks are so round that touches her thin glasses. She is proud for her work, and doesn't care of not moving if she continues to put money in the house. She always was fat, so another pound a more is just life being life for her.

Paula, now 22, weights 880 pounds (399 kg). She works as a programmer, since the end of high school. Immobile for 3 years, she is now more nocturnal than diurnal, typing furiously with her sausage-like fingers. Her belly is now divided in four, and her boobs laying triumphantly big on top. Chugging another bottle of soda while eating burritos and wathcing her system work, she was pleased. The pale skin with stains of gravy adorned by the short, pink hair of hers is an image of heaven. Her back have so many rolls that the caretakers can put their entire hands inside, and her thights are so large that a person could use as a table.

Lilian is the thinnest, with 850 pounds (386 kg) and 20 years. She works selling drawings of obscure weird fetishes at the internet since the high school. Laying her drawing tablet in her vast breasts, having a excellent accuracy despite her flabby arms, she earns her wage. Her pixie, green hair and thick glasses constrast with her double chin and plushy shoulders. Her belly don't have so many rolls, laying on bed like an uniform piece of lard, weighting on her legs. Her feet are so round and red, like a rubber ball.

Florence is the heaviest, with 1000 pounds (454 kg) and 18 years. Having left school since 12, having granted a disability check by the army and becoming immobile at 14, she now is addicted to games and bingeing. While playing, she can eat 15 pizzas, 10 cakes and don't even notice. Her cavernous bedroom and she haven't seen the sunlight for years, she was so pale that all the veins are visible, and her hair hadnt' seen a comb in years. Her armas have the width of a throne, her breasts have areolas big as mini pizzas, her belly have so many stretch marks and cellulite that looks like inscriptions, with cascades of rolls all over her body, her thights were amorphous, like the rest of her legs and feet, having developed only for staying in bed, not walk. She sometimes thinks her life is a failure, but seeing her entire family becoming immobile, she felt that it was just the destiny.

The few people at the neighborhood which knows them thinks that they are the apex of a dysfunctional family, but the Hall family knows that they are a united and good household.
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