Thick and creamy

chapter 1

Jacob's POV

When I spotted her across the bar I knew she was the one I wanted. Her name was�Monica James and she was one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen. She was the�stereotypical sexy Latina - long�flowing black hair, big brown eyes hidden under full�lashes, and supple pink�lips. Her perfect face was accompanied by her equally perfect body. Standing at about 5'2, she was the envy of every other woman in the room. Even from a distance, I could tell she had massive tits, probably about a D-cup, which was substantial for a woman of her stature. Her large breasts slopped down into an unimaginably tiny waist only to then curve�out dramatically into her wide�hips, which supported possibly her most appealing characteristic - her giant shelf of an ass. Her body was the epitome of an hourglass figure, and the white strapless dress she was wearing did wonders for her figure, exaggerating every sexy curve of her thin body.�

I lingered around my side of the bar for a while, swirling the expensive cocktail in my hand. I watched her as she sat at other side, trying to catch the eye of one of the clearly wealthy men. After about five minutes of studying her behavior, I decided to make my move. I stood up, straightening my expensive suit and walked towards her. As soon as we made eye contact, her eyes lit up. I watched her eyes dart from my face to my aforementioned suit and then to the flashy�watch I was sporting. I saw a hunger growing in her eyes.

"I couldn't help but notice you're sitting alone," I said playfully, "what's a girl as gorgeous as yourself doing here by herself?"�

"Waiting for someone to buy me a drink," she said seductively.�

After ordering her a very expensive drink, to which I noticed she enjoyed as I placed the order casually, I sat down next to her at the bar and started up a conversation. I learned her name was Monica James and she was currently in college at NYU and drowning in college debt. I could see her get excited as I told her I was the CEO at a famous fashion magazine. She knew that meant I earned a hefty pay check; enough money to keep a girl seeking a lavish lifestyle happy.�

As we talked for hours about her life - she was very self-absorbed - we barely noticed as the clock passed midnight. I was more than happy to listen to her talk about herself for hours if it was going to get me what I wanted.�I was in it for the long run. When her story reached a close, I commented on how late it was getting and invited her back to my house to continue her life story. She quickly obliged, not wanting to miss the chance to tie me down. It was so funny how she thought she was the one playing me. Looking back, she must feel so stupid. Ha.�
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LoopsnBloops 5 years
LOVE the story! Very hot
QuebecFA 5 years
I really love this story! I'm looking forward to Chapter 11! :-)
Td0057 5 years
Great story! Your body descriptions are enticing. Hope all the ladies will be regular guests at Olivia's feasts.
Kittykittykitty 5 years
wow, this is the best story i’ve read in ages, can’t wait til you update
Hurgon 5 years
Wow! Please continue!
GummieTummy 5 years
This is really good! The anticipation is killing me!
Hurgon 5 years
Wonderful start!!! Would love to read more!
Rickeb 5 years
Of course more. The fattening hasn't even begun !
FlabbyGabby 5 years
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