Tinder dates

Chapter 1 - intro

Lynn stood in front of her full-length mirror, checking out her outfit and angling her face to see her new double chin. She loved how round her face had become, although even her chubby cheeks couldn't disguise how pretty she was. For tonight she had chosen a green flannel and a pair of jeans, both of which she was now struggling to button. With a final huuup she sucked in, quickly buttoned her pants, and slowly let the air back out again, marveling at how her stomach expanded farther and farther until it crept over her waistband. Lynn didn't find the XL shirt quite as difficult to put on, but it was even more visually impressive when she was done. Every button strained at the seam, and the top three couldn't even come together. And underneath, my secret weapon, she thought, smiling.

As Lynn looked at her reflection, her 224 lbs. body almost bursting out of her large flannel, she thought about how her date tonight was expecting the slim sorority girl she had been three years ago. Back then she was more than pretty, she was downright hot, and her Tinder profile proved it. But those pics didn't reflect three years of working as a secretary, surrounded by large coworkers and barely moving from her desk during the day, snacking during her work hours and later at home as well. Caressing her new gut, Lynn recalled her fist Tinder date after six months at her job and 30 extra pounds.
She had been horny one Friday night and loaded up Tinder for the first time in months. Messaging a few old matches proved successful, and an hour later Lynn was looking for Chris at a crowded bar. Although she knew at that point that she had gained a little weight, Lynn never expected Chris to react the way he did when she caught his eye from across the room. He froze for a second, then stormed over, shaking his head and muttering to himself. She started to greet him, confused, but he cut her off, jutting a finger straight into her soft stomach. "How can you think it's okay to lie like this to me?" "What do yo-" started Lynn, but he interrupted her again. "I mean, I really don't mind girls with a few extra pounds, even those as big as yourself, but when they try to hide it with old pictures? That really gets to me." Lynn didn't know what to say, she just stared at Chris, then looked down at her body. For the first time she truly noticed how much her stomach was sticking out under her now too-small t-shirt, most of her new weight having gone there. "I have put on some weight, haven't I?" she asked, grabbing her plump stomach with both hands and giving it a small shake. "Well yeah, look at all that jiggle!" he replied, gesturing to her quivering gut. "Your shirt can't even cover the whole thing! You're still very pretty, you know," he added, suddenly looking a little embarrassed at his overreaction, but it was too late. "I'm sorry," Lynn choked out, then she turned and walked quickly from the bar, trying in vain to will the tears away.
An hour later she was back in her apartment, lying in bed and self-medicating with a fresh package of Oreos, when the thought struck her; she was getting fat. She looked down at her body with new eyes and saw a soft, extended stomach where once a flat one had been, two small creases foreshadowing where she would one day have rolls, and she suddenly grabbed it and gave it a rough shake, recalling Chris' words. Christ I am getting fat, she thought, watching her body jiggle as she poked and shook it. And it's because of these, I bet, Lynn considered as she popped another Oreo into her mouth. Why would Chris want to be with such a fat pig like me? No wonder (Lynn bites into another Oreo) he was so angry. I would be too if I was expecting a hot babe and got someone like me (another Oreo), someone fat (Lynn pokes her stomach aggressively), some fat pig (Lynn pokes her stomach again then shakes it). Some pig who lies around all day (another Oreo) and stuffs her face and embarrasses herse-Oohh!! Lynn suddenly let out a gasp. Her hand had drifted beneath her stomach a bit, and a surprisingly strong wave of pleasure had gone through her body. Lord am I wet, thought Lynn, one hand brushing lightly against her vagina. But why? Just an hour ago I was called fat in a crowded bar, and now here I am, still stuffing my face (another Oreo)? I wonder how many people saw Chris poke my stomach like that? I bet a lot did, and I bet even more Mmm! (Lynn slips a finger into herself, begins masturbating) saw how tight my clothing was. They must have been (another Oreo) disgusted in how fucking big I've gotten. Still masturbating furiously, she briefly held an Oreo in front of her face, then suddenly started shoveling them down even faster than before. I am a fat pig, aren't I? I deserve all those dirty looks, hell I deserve more! I'll give them something to look at, I'll get so fat they can't help but laugh at- Lynn reached for another Oreo but, upon finding that she had eaten the entire carton, she came fiercely, trembling in her bed, panting.
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You need to continue this!!!
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Very Nice.A good read and compelling characters
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Great start so far! Looking forward to reading more!