Vault 32

Chapter 1 - the prolog

Jess was a skinny and cute girl. She weighed about 110 and was only 5"1. She never really had to think about her weight, because it never was a issue. She was a bit of a loner not having many friends and just tried to keep to herself. Spending most of her time indoors reading.

It was October 22nd, 2077. Today was her 18 birthday. Apart from the cake, she didn't do anything special. Just a standard day for her.

She stayed up late drinking coffee and reading. The tensions with China were at all time high and it looked as if there was going to be no end to the violence. Today, she had received a invitation to the local Vault.

Vault 32.

She was the only one, apart from her 19 year old sister Holly, in her family invited. She was happy that at least if the world ended she'd be with the only person in her life that made her happy.

Holly was a cute girl who weighed about 120 pounds. In many ways she was a big sister being slightly taller than Jess at 5"3. Holly had always looked out for Jess being a bit of a outcast herself. Understanding the feeling of not having any friends and spending time all alone, all too often. Holly was the only person Jess was really close to. She understood her like nobody else did.

Jess still wondered though, why didn't her mum get excepted into the Vault. The letter only stated Jess and Holly. It claimed they were excepted because there father was killed in the battle of anchorage but shouldn't the widow be given access too?

Jess really wasn't fond of her mother anyway. She had bullied her all her life. Well after her father died that is.

The next morning she woke up to the bomb sirens running. They never tested them this early. What was going on she thought. Holly had dragged her out of bed in her pajamas. She rushed down to the Vault. Along with lots of other girls their age, Jess and Holly queued up. The vault door slowly closed behind them.

All the vaults staff were also girls. Well extremely hot bimbos, most with obviously fake tits and plenty of other work done to them.

The Vault staff handed Jess her vault suit. It was one size fits all, in a literal sense. She saw girls twice her size getting the same vault suits. She was amassed how comfortable it was. She was told that this Vault was built with the upmost comfort of the residents in mind and rather than everyone working, only the staff worked. Instead the residents were to lounge about and enjoy the apocalypse.

The Vault had been stocked full of junk food. Only the Staff got to eat healthy. Instead the residents would only drink soft drinks and eat junk food. Jess didn't realize that her waste line was gonna get a whole lot larger.
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