What shall become of you?

Chapter 1 - you fall for my trap

In this world, I am all you have. You will obey as I wish. I am your God and your Goddess, your Master and Mistress.

You were destined to become mine -- my plumpening pleasure toy to feed and shape into a gluttonous blob of fat.

I am your all. You will sacrifice all for me, and you will worship me, and you will obey my commandments.

Or suffer the consequences.

And even in obeying me, you will suffer greatly. I will treat you well, but still, your sacrifice must be total. And you will sacrifice all on the altar of Me.

Your waistline will grow, and your freedom shall shrink. I will dominate you, and you will submit. As your body grows bigger, your will and your spirit shall shrink beneath my heel.

You will behave as I wish. You shall fulfill my every desire. I will make you. Obey and be mine.

All mine.

I will order you to eat and smoke and drink. And you will obey.

Without question.

You are my submissive, and you want nothing more than what I desire you to have.

I want you to eat what I tell you to. Even if it makes you fat. Even if it makes you obese. Even if you grow unhealthy. Even if your eventual morbid obesity knocks a few years off your life.

What I promise you in return is pleasure - the pleasure of watching your belly grow, the pleasure of staying stoned, the pleasure of eating all that you want, whenever you want.

As long as I tell you to. Forever.

I wish you to grow into my fat girl. With huge boobs and a bulging belly. How feminine I will make you, all ass and tits and belly!

Give up your all for me. Gluttony is no sin. It will become your new virtue. You will convert to the religion of Me, the religion of your belly. You will worship your belly and feed it. Worship me and your belly, and that is all!

I will be your god and goddess, your Alpha and Omega, your Ying and Yang! You will adore me. Obey me.

No matter what.

You want me, and you need me. You have needed me since the beginning of time. You need my discipline upon you. You need my firm hand, my loving torture of you, my stuffing of your belly. You need to watch my eyes as I observe you growing fatter and fatter for me.

You are but a fat slug to me. I shall feed you and teach you a lesson. Your efforts to lose weight, to diet, to exercise, to get slender again, you will abandon them for me. I am stronger than you.

I will wrap my strong thighs around your chubby body, then squeeze your soft belly until you scream in pain. Until you begin eating again for me. Fattening up for me. Obeying me alone. Obeying me and your appetites!

I will make you my fat slave. You will beg me to do so. I will feed you my kinkiness, my desires. Let them become a part of you. Let my desires fatten you. All my desires for you will fill you full. So full, you will wish you could pop just for the relief it might bring.

Let my kinks and desires become a part of you. Let my desires fill your soul, just as fattening foods fill your belly.

You have fallen for my trap. I have seduced you into a fantasyland of being stoned and being stuffed. In the haze of pot smoke, you sometimes get a glimpse of where this is all leading - toward your becoming a blimping babe!

I have tempted you and seduced you into gluttony. I am a charmer of chubby girls like you.

(to be continued)
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