When duty calls

chapter 1

Aged 18, Ella had dreams. Life plans. She wanted to go travelling, get her PhD and get her career sorted. She wanted to meet a guy, fall in love and then maybe, maybe then she would want children. But then this stupid war started and those dreams had to end; or at least be put on pause for a while.

She didn't fear for her life the way the men did (the front line was known to be brutal and there was little chance of returning) but her service would be inconvenient at the least.

At 5ft6 and 115lb, Ella knew she was in her prime. Her lean legs, tight abs, perky breasts and toned butt made eyes follow her wherever she went. This was the best her body was ever going to be and she'd worked damn hard to make it this way! But then she got her letter and she knew everything was going to change.

"Dear Ella Wright,
You have been formally conscripted into the women's front initiative. Your service duration will be 7 years and this will begin the day this letter is received.
Please report to your nearest women's front hospital where the procedure (duty) and your care will begin. All clothing will be provided upon your arrival.
Do not consider this a tragedy but see it as the most important role in this war. We cannot win without soldiers and you will play a vital role in producing them. Your loyalty and dedication for your country will save us all from this ever-present threat; you are all the real heroes.
Your glorious leader,
Emporer Savyourre."

She finished reading and began to cry. The thought of losing her beautiful body to pounds and stretchmarks from giving birth to numerous children was horrible. But then she gave one last sniff and wiped her tears, trying so hard not to be selfish. This was for her country for goodness sake! She could be the difference between winning and losing this infernal war. And it's not like she even had to fight! She was guaranteed to live through to the end of her service (unlike the men) and a few years of being uncomfortable and some stretch marks were all that would come of it, that wasn't such a bad deal. She could lose the pounds afterwards. And it's not like there was a way she could get out of this any ways...
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Jack-Elray 4 years
Really hope you continue with this
Fooman 5 years
Man! is that a great start. I can just imagine where this is going and can hardly wait for some more updates. Two of my favorite things WG, and Preg.
Rickeb 5 years
I could follow this for the total 7 years,and maybe for an extended duty. I love both wg and pregnancy stories.
Xaniaaa 5 years
Thanks for all the positive feedback so far 😊 and yes, I will be introducing other female characters. Ella is going to begin treatment and begin to interact with some of the other women, I wanted her to be really well developed first 🙂
TheN23 5 years
Is the story only focusing on Ella or we are going to see others woman characters ?
Tablesofacha... 5 years
Please continue