Chapter 1


feeling it push out getting rounder and rounder

feeling the food move through, fill me

knowing that I am growing fatter for you


feeling the heaviness and realizing it’s food, the nutrients being stripped from it and stored. thickening, swelling. the heaviness in my groin, the delicious pressure on my groin as it sags further, deeper

spreading my thick thighs apart

pushing my thighs apart and relaxing

stroking the sides, then pushing it down between them, filling the space between

my skin ultra sensitive, the slightest touch making me shudder as you rake your fingernails around my circumference

knowing how sensitive my belly gets as it fills

and stretches

the tingling

the gentle itching


gasping from the tightness, trying to burp to relieve the increasing pressure

feeling your hands fluttering on my heated skin, hearing your quickening breathing

the change in the sound as you pat the hard top then move to the soft, liquid bottom

slap, slap

watching my belly round outward and upward

not being able to keep your eyes and hands off my body

i follow your eyes as they follow your exploring fingers

watching them close slightly in your arousal by what you feel

your eyes, half-lidded as you push inward on my sides

and as your fingers seek and find a new softness, a new crease i hear a very slight intake of breath

your eyes closed as you push the sides in and you hear me grunt, feeling the exquisite shifting of my insides

the gas released and the resulting softness allows your hands to sink in marginally deeper

and you know you have made room for more

you press in again and i belch deeply again, my stomach softening even more


you do love when i eat for you

i want to get big for you, stay big for you, stay round and full, grow fatter for you

feeling you shudder as you hold me, knowing you are experiencing mini orgasms of intense pleasure

your hands exploring my breasts as i eat for you

reveling in their fullness, the increasing weight and softness of my body, my breasts

holding them in your hands

pulling them to your mouth

taking my small erect nipples into your mouth

suckling my rich, fat man breasts

cum for me baby you whisper around my erect nipples, squeezing the underside of each gently

pulling, suckling between my mouthfuls of rich food

your breasts laying lightly on the top of my food bloated full belly

pressing against me as your hands slide underneath

feeling your hands there

feeling myself lift in your hands, my insides shifting, bulging

rubbing and jiggling my underbelly

a delicious bouncing and jiggling of my fat

telling me you want me fatter

and that you want to fatten me

that you want to watch my round body become rounder, softer

my belly rounder and more prominent

my breasts round orbs of soft fat

your hands rubbing and squeezing, lifting and dropping them

both of us imagining the sensations as they grow even larger and heavier


your hands massaging deep under my heavy belly

massaging the soft fat covering my ribcage, feeling the bulge of my belly as it swells toward you

your thumbs stroking its top, feeling the firmness under the layer of soft fat

you know my groin is vibrating and quivering as i feel your hands, your body against mine

cum for me my sweet pig you whisper stroking and milking me as you slip onto me, my belly sliding up between us and my cock at the lips of your vagina

cum for me you whisper

writhing slowly back and forth

moaning softly

looking down and seeing the delicious voluptuosness between us

your great breasts and my soft round belly changing shape as i thrust up into you

grunting pig like as my lust and desire explodes into you, filling you.

oh god yes.
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FrecherTyp 9 years
oh my what an interesting perspective you took smiley that was very much a turn on for me ^^
14 years
I can't belive how cleverly you write. You're a breath of fresh air
Lizzyny 14 years
As erotic as always. Glad to see you are continuing to write.
Built4com4t 14 years
yeah, i know its tricky...BHM & BBW both start with B
Maximum 14 years
was arousing as hell till i realised it was from the guys point of view... if it was a girl talking about getting fatter for me this would have to be one of the best stories ever... but instead it's just ok smiley