Chapter 1 - elliott welsh

Elliott Welsh is a 18 year old senior at Ashwood High School. He is the shy, quite type, even though he doesn't look like it.
Elliott is 6'0 in height and 145 in weight, he has a lean but athletic build with a 4 close to a 6 pack.

Elliott has straight black hair and ocean blue eyes, slight tan skin and full pink lips.
There is also one more thing, about Elliott... He doesn't like girls, but guys. However because the town he lives in frowns apon same sex couples, and go so far as to practically force all the children and teens into believing that same sex couples are evil and all that crap. Elliott stays in the closet until graduation where he will just leave town and never come back.

How will Elliott deal with a mysterious stranger, who found him in the woods, brings Elliott to his house, but won't let him leave?


On a big yellow school bus, with the words: Ashwood High School on both sides, was following two other bus, each bus that has over 40 students with 8 teachers driving the bus.
In the way back of the third bus, sat Elliott Welsh with his headphones in his ears and his nose in a book. He was listening to Young by Hollywood Undead while he was reading, one of his Stephen King: Thinner.
Elliott was ignoring all the noise from his fellow classmates were making on the noisy school bus as everyone on the buses did different things to pass the time, until they reach the campsite.

All the students were excited to be, spending time off school for three days and two nights. Everyone, except Elliott was having fun on the ride to the forest. Elliott was absolutely NOT the outdoors type of person. The only reason he has the body he does and that he is on the trip in the first place, is because of his strict father who wants his youngest son to be safe and have a healthier life outside.

As Elliott thinks about his family, his mind drifts off to how hard his father works to keep the family afloat, after his mother was killed in a wolf attack on the Welsh family's camping trip several years ago, and how not only his father but his two elder brothers and older sister changed that day.

Elliott was snapped out of his thoughts, when a student from the ping pong club, told him that they arrived at the camping spot.

With a sigh, Elliott packs up his stuff in his carry-on bag including his headphones and started following the flow of students, off the bus and wait as the teachers anonce all the rules and regulations while on the trip.

Unkown to Elliott and the rest from Ashwood High, they were being watched by a pair of gold eyes, in the forest.
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