the client

chapter 1

It was at the end of a very boring and exhausting day of work. I had only one appointment left when my colleague came in cursing like a sailor.
"Why am I always the lucky one?" she said sarcastically. "I'd hoped for something easy before calling it a day, but no I got HIM."
"What's wrong ?" I was wondering.
"He is just such a disgusting fat blob. I think I'll just puke if I have to touch that wobbling mass of flesh," she said with a wince.

You see, I'm working as a masseuse at the spa in a 5-star resort hotel and I'm pretty good at it, always getting great tips whether I'm working with a man or woman. They all say I "have the touch."
But right now, I'm totally intrigued by my colleague's complaint, trying to picture just how fat her client really is. Knowing her, he's probably a real lightweight, only 200 pounds, but still I wouldn't mind at all to let my hands wander over a soft male body and get paid for it...
Until now I've never had any really fat clients and I really can't stand by and let the poor fat man be touched by my fat-phobic colleague. I can't imagine him wanting to be touched by someone as unwilling as her ... I'd be doing them both a favor!

I tried to hide my excitement and asked her "What would you offer if I take this one for you?"
"You really would do that? How about me taking over for you, whenever you like to have a free day? You know I always need the extra money?"
"Deal!" I said, grining inwardly like the cat who ate the canary.

I wasn't too optimistic when I entered the waiting area. It would probably be an old grandpa with a small belly as usual. My colleague was really fat-phobic, referring to guys with only the smallest hint of a belly as "real fatties."
But to my big surprise there was a guy in his best years struggling to get up from our low armchairs when I called his name. Now this wasa genuine fat man!

He wasn't tall, around 6 feet+ with broad shoulders. But his most dominant feature was his enormous belly hanging far down over his waistband and still protruding in front of him and to the side.

My knees suddenly went weak and I had to stifle a moan that was nearly escaping from my lips. What a good looking man. He wore a red T-shirt tugged into his pants which were hold up by broad suspenders. I was shortly wondering how that t-shirt was able to hold back all that weight.

Now he was ponderously approaching me. His magnificent gut swaying in front of him. Totally mesmerized I was barely able to remind myself not to stare at him.
"Please follow me," I told him, adding "Take your time," because he was already breathing heavily.
When we arrived at the therapy room he was clearly out of breath and I was totally aroused.
"I see, you will get a full body massage with citrus oil. So please take of all your clothes and lay down on the lounger. Here is a towel to cover you." I told him and turned my back to him, but watched him secretly in the mirror.

With some difficulties he opened the knob on his pants, pushing his belly aside to get access. His zipper flew open at once and his paunch burst out immediatedly. He let his pants drop down and sat on the stool to pull off his socks but it was a cumbersome process. His belly rested on his lap and got in the way when he tried to lean forward.
His shirt now looked more like a minidress. And when he pulled it off I got a short glimpse of wonderful big moobs, before he turned around to lay down on his stomach.
I heard a muffled "Ready".
"Are you comfortable?" I asked him.

Then I took a deep breath to strengthen myself for the ordeal in front of me. How could I treat him without showing my inner feelings?

He laid there, his belly and his moobs splilling out on the side like dough. His back looked very pleasant too, softened by a thick layer of fat. His buttocks were firm but globular and his thighs softened again building some fat rolls.

I noticed that he had no ring on his finger. But maybe only because they had grown too fat for it to fit any longer?

I needed to find out more about him. So I started with gentle strokes asking him incidental "Is this your first massage? I never saw you here before."
Thinking that I would have memorized that forever.

"Actually it's my first massage ever. I got it as a birthday gift from some "well meaning" friends. The said I need to feel the touch of a woman again, since I seperated from my long-term girlfriend 6 month ago."
"I'm sorry to hear that," I consoled him, dancing a yes in my mind.

My hands worked through his back fat down to his ass cheeks and followed down to his nice fat thighs. What a magnificent specimen of man, I thought to myself, his ex- must have been crazy to give up all this .
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