Chapter 1 - Reflection in the mirror

There it is, looking right back at you... your reflection. How long has it been now? since you last saw yourself? Now matter how long it's been, one thing is certain... Your looking bigger... way Bigger.

You take up most of the frame now, how long will it be till you can no longer see yourself fully? A year? A few months? A few weeks? You dread the thought of it

How did it come to this? Your wide, round belly that jiggles with each step, every slight movement you make is followed by its jiggle. Your wide, soft, squishy hips. Your as wide as nearly 2 avenge sized people... Even your ass, each each bigger and rounder than the average size. And your aware of it 24/7... Feeling its own weight constantly there. A reminder of just how fat you've become...

Funnily enough you didn't look like this, once apon a time. Back in your prime, you had the body most other girls would die for... Your narrow hips, the tightness of your waist... Your lean legs and arms and define chin... all of that gone now, lost under the layers of your fat.

At first it was only a few small pounds, nothing major, nothing to worry about. Everything was ok in your mind, in fact you liked the added weight at first. The slight extra curves to your hips made you feel more attractive, more confident, impowered even.

But then came the relationship weight... then came the post marriage weight... then came the pregnancy weight... then it came once again a few years later... You started to not care, not notice it. You tried to hide the truth from yourself... you chose to ignore the signs.

The constantly outgrown clothes, the fatigue of doing basic movements at times, the increasing amount of food you would intake. The signs where all there what was happening to you... you just chose to ignore it... And when you did finally decide to take action, to improve your health and your weight? You gave up... you didn't even try, choosing to ignore it once again. And the result? Even more weight was added to your frame.

Now look at you... look at you... You did this... your to blame... your to blame for the size you find yourself looking at now in the mirror, No one else... And that's how it's going to remain for the rest of your life.... hope you have a bigger mirror, Because your going to need it... real soon.
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