reversing the weight

Chapter 1

Sophie exited her car; college was going to be a new and better experience that high school ever was. Sophie was not exactly the most popular girl in high school she often was bullied for her defining characteristic, her weigh. Sophie was an attractive girl, but her poor habits and terrible genes led to her being overweighted her entire life. By the time she had graduated high school her weight had slowed grew to a fat 280 pounds. Sophie carried the vast majority of her weight in her thick thighs and fat ass. Her pear-shaped body accentuated her lower portions of her massive frame and often caused her to waddle wherever she walked. Her chubby belly also was something of ridicule among her high school bullies with it extending out and over her waistband of the majority of her pants. Although Sophie had an attractive face the rest of her body often caused boys to not be interested right from the start. Had she been 150 pounds lighter her brown hair and adorable face would be honey for any boy that would want her.

Sophie shifted her large frame out of her car and grabbed a box from the trunk. This was a fresh start at State University and she would be free from the bitches from high school that tormented her for 4 years. Sophie’s parents exited their car that was following Sophie showing the same genes as Sophie with both of them being overweight as well. They carried everything that Sophie would need for her freshman year and proceeded to decorate her room of the college apartment. Sophie had chosen to have a random college roommate to ensure that she would have the new start that she desired. Her roommate had not arrived yet, so she was able to move in in peace with her parents. As they finished placing everything where it would be needed, she started saying goodbye to her parents. “Thanks so much for driving up her and helping me move in mom and dad,” said Sophie as she leaned in and hugged them both. “Of course, Sophie and were just a few hours away if you need anything from us,” said her dad as he broke away from Sophie. “You try to stay out of trouble,” said her mom in a joking tone. “I’ll try my best you know how much of a troublemaker I am,” said Sophie in a sarcastic voice. After their goodbyes had been completely the two parents left leaving Sophie alone in her dorm room to her own devices.

Sophie made a b-line for the dozen cookies that her mom had packed for her and her new roommate. Sophie been mindlessly eating them, nervous for who her roommate could possibly be and if they would have anything in common. As Sophie sat there stuffing her face with her cookies, she heard the rustling of the door and before she could do anything it opened to a girl standing in the doorway. “Hi, are you Sophie?” Asked the girl. Sophie jumped out of her chair in an awkward attempt and dusted the crumbs of her binge off her doughy body. “Yes I’m Sophie, nice to meet you,” said Sophie as she leaned over and hugged the new girl. Sophie backed up and examined her new roommate. The girl was drop dead gorgeous. Sophie was in envy of her toned arms that hung at her side. Sophie could see her toned stomach as her new roommate was wearing a very revealing crop top. Down to her thicker ass that came from years of hard work at the gym, Sophie was extremely jealous of her new roommate’s amazing body. “Hello I’m Macy,” said the girl looking at Sophie with a tinge of discuss on her face. “I’m very excited to grow closer together and I’m hoping we can be the best of friends by the end of the year,” said Sophie in a hopeful tone. “Yeah, sure,” said Macy almost ignoring the large girl in front of her and exploring the semi decorated apartment. Macy witnessed multitudes of sugar snacks and junk food that littered the apartment and looked on at the anime posters that hung in Sophie’s room.

Sophie noticed Macy examining the posters “do you watching My Hero Academia?” She asked hoping to find something in common within her new roommate. “No, I watch normal shows,” said Macy in an almost dismissive manner. Sophie could tell that the interaction was not going well and needed to be salvaged. “Well I have plenty of snacks in the place and you’re welcome to help yourself if you want,” said Sophie still trying to make a good impression on Macy. “Yeah, that’s a hard pass I actually care about my body and how I look,” said Macy as she carried her stuff into her unclaimed room. Sophie felt her heart sink into the floor. Was this going to be another year of being put down because of her weight, she wondered. Macy walked out of her room back to where Sophie was standing. “Alright you seem like a nice girl but I’m going to lay some ground rules down,” said Macy in a stern voice. “1 whenever I have a guy over I need you gone I can’t have him seeing that I live with someone like you, 2 we are not friends we’re roommates and odds are it’s going to stay like that, and 3 don’t think I’m going to eat any of that junk in the kitchen you can keep it all to yourself,” she said looking at Sophie. “Okay, said Sophie submissively as Macy walked away from the conversation and into decorate her room. This was exactly what Sophie was hoping wouldn’t happen to her she was stuck for an entire year with someone who not only didn’t want to be her friend but was going to bully her for her weight. Little did Sophie know was that things were going to change in a big way for her new roommate.
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Ppcds 2 weeks
don't finish the story right now, macy need's more teasing for being the heavy roomate
4funnow 2 weeks
Love the turns this story keeps taking
AndiFive 2 weeks
Champ 1 month
Can’t wait for more chapters!
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Love this story. 😆

I've been waiting to ask someone this but... Do you want to collaborate, we can discuss it anytime you like. If not that that's alright. ❤ Love your work. 😇
1goldleader 2 months
Loving where this story is going!