doctor knows best

Chapter 1 - doctor knows best 1 part 1


With a gentle smile Kristen shook Doctor Millen's hand and exited the white, static office and made her way over to the reception desk to schedule her next appointment in two weeks. Stopping in front of the receptionist's desk , the half Latin, half Middle Eastern minx felt the high wooden surface press against her expanded abdomen, and looking down she saw her round six month bump flattening out gently at its apex against the immovable piece of furniture. As she shuffled back slightly and her bump regained its natural form she breathed deep and gazed down, 'I can't believe how big I am already', she reflected internally as her line of sight travelled to the folded A6 sheet of paper she had pinched between two fingers of the hand she had perched on top of her swell. Looking past her largely expanded breasts at the slip of paper she swallowed hard at the thought of what was written on it, 'And Doctor Millen says I have to be bigger... crap... Talking of Doctor Millen and bigger, she's really started-'

"-Miss Bell?", a warm, gentle voice rung out and broke Kristen's reverie, and looking up her eyes locked with those of Doctor Millen's receptionist, Kelly.

With a light, embarrassed chuckle Kristen blushed as she swept several of her long, dark locks from in front of her vision and smiled, "Sorry, I was miles away", she said through another embarrassed chuckle as Kelly's head sympathetically tilted to the side and returned Kristen's smile.

"It's alright, I know exactly what it's like, they grow so fast, don't they?", Kelly said as one of her own hands came to rest on the top of her own maternal swell while the other delved into a half empty bag of large, double chocolate cookies and retrieved one.

"Heh, yeah, THEY'RE not the only ones", Kristen said as she patted her firm, trim waist as if indicating to some nonexistent bulge of fat, "But I didn't know you were pregnant too. Congratulations", Kristen squeaked quietly as her luscious, red lips curled into a modelesque smile to reveal her pearly whites.

The kind looking blond smiled back with enough warmth to heat the entire building as she looked down at her own bump and munched on one of the large cookies. "Thanks, we're so happy, but I'm not surprised you didn't know, we don't really get to chat and the only time you see me is when I'm sitting behind this damn thing. For all the Doctor's patients know I could have a fish tail instead of legs I'm behind here so much. Not that that's gonna change any time soon though, getting kinda heavy here", she reciprocated Kristen's earlier embarrassed chuckle. Her cheeks dimpled slightly as her lips curled, showing off her softened features under a layer of what Kristen suspected was more than mere puppy fat. Judging by the rapidly emptying cookie bag and the various other snack wrappers stuffed in the trash can Kristen was hardly surprised.

"How far along're you?", Kristen enquired looking at Kelly's belly.

"Just passed the seven month mark a week ago", Kelly responded as she stroked her partially hidden bump.

Kristen's mind began to wander again as thoughts flooded her mind, 'Damn, she's big for seven months, I mean I'd noticed she'd gained a little weight over the past few months, but I can't believe I didn't notice she was pregnant. She's looking so chu-'

"So, did you wanna make another appointment?", Kelly's sweet voice once again broke Kristen out of her daydream as her hand reached for another cookie.

"Please", Kristen answered.

"In two weeks, right? How's the seventeenth at 11am?", Kelly said with a smile.

"That's perfect", Kristen responded as she paid her bill.

"Great, I'll see you then. Got your prescription and everything before you go?", Kelly asked through a mouth of cookie crumbs.

Kristen sighed deeply as she raised the folded A6 sheet as if it weighed a tonne, "How could I forget?", she said in a defeated tone.

Patting her own side Kelly spoke in a similar tone, "Oh I know EXACTLY how you feel".

Kristen's eyes went wide as she saw how each pat to Kelly's once-toned waist sent gentle jiggles across the surface of her tight uniform clad belly, even causing a slight wobble to her entire torso. Her large, engorged breasts, perhaps the same size Kristen's, bobbed like water balloons. Feeling her breath catch in her throat Kristen tried to mask her surprise, "O-okay then, b-bye", she said nervously as she quickly turned and exited the surgery into the blazing California sun.

Upon stepping out into the air Kristen stopped in her tracks, closed her eyes and took a deep breath as her head craned up to face the glaring sun, then she looked down at her trim, pregnant figure. It was a figure she had worked tirelessly to maintain over the past six months, the pregnancy had only served to accentuate her already gorgeous curves, pumping her original DD cups into F cup range, and the 15lbs she had gained had been perfectly deposited evenly across her body. Her smooth, round ass, much like her trim waist, had been kept tight and firm through hours of gym time and, of course, "bedroom acrobatics". After all, her body was her life, her income was dependant on her staying in shape and not letting her almost flawless body go just because she was pregnant, not all pregnant women had to fatten up like Kelly or Doctor Millen, the porn industry practically demanded she stay in shape, as did Kristen's bank balance.

Running a loving hand over the tight, stretched material of her purple tank top she looked down at her impressive bust and gently swelling belly and a pang of dread descended over her as she thought what the next few months might bring. Once again her gaze was drawn to the small piece of folded paper nipped between the knuckles of her left hand's index and middle fingers, turning her gorgeous face to one of the surgery's recently cleaned windows her reflection was crystal clear. Standing there for a moment, alone in silence save for the humming of cars on the nearby road she took a deep breath and pushed her belly out to make herself look slightly further along than she already was. The feeling of her jeans' waistband tightening around her waist and her shirt slowly sliding up her tummy's surface, even to her horror revealing a sliver of her tanned skin she felt a cold sweat, it was NOT a sensation she relished.

A short two minute walk later Kristen was outside the local pharmacy, looking up at the florescent, flashing green sign she felt a small knot in her stomach, then soothingly rubbing the spot she felt a light kick to the palm of her hand and smiled. Once again she looked down and surveyed her figure, a figure most women would kill to have at six months pregnant, 'Pfft, this is ridiculous, I can't do this. ***, Doc, just because you and Kelly have let yourselves go it doesn't mean I have to too, I mean six months in and 136lbs is great', she fitfully thought. Once again she froze in place, pondering in the cool air of the shade, '... Damn Doctors, always have to be right, don't they?' Accepting defeat Kristen advanced to the automatic sliding doors of the foyer and entered with a knot in her stomach, a lump in her throat and a very hard gulp.


Rattles and clatters resonated through the spacious kitchen as Kristen emptied out the pharmacy bag on the kitchen table, pill bottles rolling across the flat surface as their tiny occupants tumbled over one another scrabbling to the surface. With a defeated air Kristen took a seat at the table and began lining up her new friends, or rather her new enemies, peering at the labels and directions suspiciously, Take 15 minutes before..., 'Take one pill with every..., Do not take with..., Morning, Noon, Night, bla bla bla', Kristen slammed one of the bottles on the table in a miniature tantrum and rested her head in her hands. "I don't want to do this, this is bullshit", she quietly whispered to herself as she looked at the various small, dark pill bottles. "UNDERWEIGHT, my ass, GOT TO GAIN WEIGHT, yeah right. Doesn't she realise what these're gonna do to my career", she whined as she took up the first bottle and popped the cap before shaking out and necessary dose Doctor Millen had prescribed. Throwing her head back she huffed petulantly, "Appetite stimulators, metabolism depressors, no exercise, relax, indulge", Kristen childishly mimicked Doctor Mirren's words in a silly, whiney voice, "Jeez, it's like she wants me to get fat", she moaned as she popped the cap on another bottle and shook out the dosage.

Turning to the side Kristen reached into one of the many grocery bags she had brought in before she began analysing her new medication, and reaching into one of the nearest she pulled out a large bottle of whole milk. After retrieving a glass from a near-by cupboard she slumped back into a seat and poured herself a tall glass of cold milk. As Kristen peered down at the several pills all nestled in the palm of her hand that familiar pang of worry reared its ugly head once more, a bad case of dry-mouth set in at the prospect of what she was about to do, it went against everything she believed in about her own body, "Ugh, I suppose doctors know best, huh? Bottom's up", she huffed before tossing the pills to the back of her mouth and emptying the glass with a series of large, rapid gulps. After wiping away the vague milktash Kristen rummaged in one of the several grocery bags for a specific item before she stood up from her chair with a huff, shuffled over to the oven and turned the dial to 180 degrees. Throwing the large, fresh pizza onto the counter top she glared at it with an air of disdain.
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Jonjon 9 years
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Another excellent story!
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Great work, so far
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hehe i somehow love those evil drug thing fattening up plot :_) and a really nice idea vor rivalry between two pregnant girls ^^