4 piggs and a hogg

Chapter 1 - 4 piggs & a hogg

David Hogg was a championship high school quarterback, wrestler and baseball player for Coosa County Alabama. Played for U of Alabama as a backup QB and linebacker. Typical jock all the way. He had been dating Penny Pigg, the 26 yr old daughter of Randy Pigg, the millionaire and social benefactor of Atalla but left town with Gwen, the youngest. The Piggs had 3 daughters including Penny who was the biggest of the Pigg daughters, Irene and Gwen, and Sandy the Mom.

The daughters included Penny, the fattest, with a huge hanging belly and big tits, Irene, with saddlebag thighs and wide hips, Gwen, the youngest and fittest one with boyfriend Dave, who ran road races and watched her weight. And Sandy the soft fat mom with fat thighs & a hanging belly.

Gwen and Dave lived in North Carolina and were employed by tech companies.

Dave was going out with Gwen, who had moved away from Alabama 2 years before. She was a svelte Alabama grad with a perfect workout body. She had lost 100 pounds before after leaving home. Her sisters were definitely fatties who loved to eat. Gwen was nothing like her sister fatties.

Layoffs came and Gwen and Dave had to come back to the Pigg family homestead in AL to live.

Mr. Pigg wanted his daughters to marry an All Anerican boy, get pregnant an give him All American grand babies. The Pigg girls were hugely fat, discouraging many boys, but Dave had gone out with Penny years before and had popped her virginity. Penny was now 350 pounds and had a double stack belly. Irene was the homeliest but had a fat belly and thighs , and was pear shaped. Gwen's boyfriend Dave loved fat girls and wanted to have sex with Penny again. She ate like a pig and was the biggest Pigg family eater.Dave was a state champ football player and wrestler but loved fat girls.

The family father, Gregg Pigg, demanded that his daughers be impregnated to carry on the family name. He said that only Dave be allowed to spread his seed. Mr Pigg wants his fat girls to carry on the fat Pigg name.

Dave got ready to get the fat girls fatter. Randy promised him that every pregnant sister would get him cash money.
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Dutchbbwlover 1 year
Thankyou loved the new chapter!
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Thank you. Great continuation
Azerty 6 years
Some more ?
Very nice story
Texasjack 6 years
I enjoy this series. This is the fantasy, that would
be fun to enjoy, where you joined into a fat family
and became fat from living with them.