The fattened sow

Chapter 1 - off to the farm

The news was not good when Dave came home to Kelly, his 22 year old wife, on that May day - his unit was getting deployed to Afghanistan - again - and for two years! The Army was not easy but the young Sergeant figured it was a way out of farm life in middle of nowhere Minnesota, so he tried to comfort her as she cried. Since she had no family any more, and no close friends in the Ft. Benning area, Dave suggested that she could move to Minnesota to be with Dave's family while he was deployed. This would also save on apartment costs and their lease was up.

"Oh Dave," Kelly cried, "I missed you so much last time when you deployed, all I did was cry, eat and get fat. I just lost 25 of those pounds by going to the gym every day, but I am still over 170." Dave eyed her thick figure and noticed that she was still bulgy in all the right places, big butt stuffed into a thong today, jelly thighs, belly fat roll peeking out from under her shirt, and a double chin framed by her long blonde hair. He loved her fatter body after coming back from the last deployment, and hated that she went to the gym every day. "Honey I will miss you more than anything! Mom and Dad and my sisters will take good care of you while I am gone," Dave said, then secretly added to himself, "And they will fatten you up over the long, cold, rural Minnesota winters for sure."

So off to Minnesota it was for Kelly. She was met at the Minneapolis airport by the whole family of Scandinavian heritage, Dave's Mom, Dad, and three sisters Janice, Julie and Jackie. Mom was really heavy with huge hips and asss and a soft draping belly hidden by a loose shirt, not tucked in. Kelly guessed she was well over 350 pounds. Dad was smiling and standing behind her, hands wrapped around her hips rubbing them. Janice at 32 was the heaviest of the sisters with rolls galore, fat arms, and her huge soft belly fat bag showing under too tight jeans (Kelly guessed again a 300+ pounder). Julie was the bottom heavy one of the group, with a protruding asss and wide hips like her Mom's, along with a protruding pot gut on her 27 year old frame, and relatively small tittties (Maybe 250 pounds Kelly thought). Jackie, the youngest at 22 was struggling with her weight, probably a size 20, but there was no turning back, gravity was working to pull her saggy belly and fat tits downwards, and her thighs rubbed together under her skin tight shorts. She was continuously and self consciously pulling at her shirt, and Kelly guessed she was just under 200 pounds. All the girls were married to local boys back in Sleepy Eye, where the family farm was located, and the boys were working the farm today. Mom led the way waddling to the van while the girls asked about her trip. Mom and Janice were winded and sweating when they finally arrived at the car for the ride home.
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