Sizing up at the beach

Chapter 1 - fatties head south

Dale and Mary had decided to leave New Jersey and head south. Why not given the ability to work remotely? Bye bye cold weather and high taxes. But for both of them it had been hello quarantine gain. Drinking, gorging on comfort food and endless Netflix told the fat to “please come and stay on my body.” It was happy to oblige. Mary, 23, had packed 60 pounds onto her already flabby body and tipped the scales at 220. Most of her weight had settled on her lower belly, but her wide “breeding hips” (as Dale called them) had widened considerably. Dale, 24, had grown a noticeable paunch and was now in size 40 jeans. The couple had been married two years. They were headed to Mary’s parent’s beach house in North Carolina.

As they drove down I 95 he reached over and poked and pinched the jelly roll in her sweatpants (nothing else fit her, quarantine killed her wardrobe) and said, “You got chubby, girl”. She laughed and said, “So are you, tubby.” The both laughed and she handed him another McDonalds egg McMuffin from the huge bag of fast food between her legs. And she gobbled one down too. Mary said, “Wait till my mom’s cooking hits your waistline- you’ll be a blimp. Also Sharisha, the Bahamian housekeeper is a good cook. We don’t stand a chance!” She looked so happy, with another mouth full of food. “Dale I am so glad we decided to just let go and do what we want.” She pinched his flabby love handle, and added, “Pants look tight baby have you been snacking?”

The long drive was at last over and they arrived at the massive beach house, 6000 sq ft. Dale’s mom Sue was waiting on the deck in a way too small bikini and tiny swim cover. She was about 43 years old and had put on some weight too - he guessed she was up to 350. She was still hot he thought, long blonde hair, big double belly and a massive ass.

Sue exclaimed, “Well, well, quarantine has been good to the happy couple. More than a few extra pounds on your waistlines I see! And Mary, those hips have really widened! Are you pregnant?” Mary blushed, “No mom but yes we’ve been eating really well.” Sue laughed, “I see that, my, my I’ll bet a new wardrobe is in order, unless some of my clothes will fit!” Mary was a little perturbed, “MOM, I’m not that fat yet!” Sue looked her over and added “Not yet, give it time my dear!”

Dale said, “Well Sue, the guys always say look at a girl’s mom if you want to see what she is gonna look like in the future, I sure hope that’s true!” Now it was Sue’s chance to blush. “Just like my late husband, you have an appreciation of women with a larger figure.” She patted her belly which jiggled. “Well, maybe more than just larger, as you can see, I filled out some this year too, about 30 more pounds. Anyone care to guess my weight?” Dale blurted out, “350?”. Sue whispered, “370 this morning but don’t tell anyone.” She laughed.

A beautiful, but very fat, light skinned black woman appeared on the deck to announce that food was ready. Dale was mesmerized. The woman had to be 400 pounds with a huge backside and giant breasts which laid on top of her massive belly. She wore a long sheer swim cover with white underwear showing thru somewhat. Her belly fold covered the white panties.

Mary said, “Hi Sharisha, this is my husband Dale. Dale, Sharisha has been with us for years.”

“Hello Mr. Dale,” said Sharisha smirking, “Time for lunch.” She patted his gut and they all laughed.
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Jdm 3 years
Love the story! Please keep it going
Azerty 3 years
Wonderful! Thank you. More? Please