Marriage for a gooey jelly belly

Chapter 1 - she gets married and gets fat

Dana was a hottie and had been my girlfriend for about 2 years. Blonde hair, huge tits, about 5'8" and plump. Some guys would say fat, but at about 160 pounds I thought of her as just plump. She had gained upwards from about 140 when we first met, and was still struggling to stay in her same wardrobe, with great difficulty. I saw a vision of the future in her mom, who visited occasionally from out of town. Her mom was an extremely bottom heavy pear shaped woman with saddlebag thighs, also with a large protruding stomach. Probably 350 pounds or better, I guessed. Dana had been after me to marry her, and I knew she really wanted to tie the knot. She was a really lazy girl who hated work of all kind, and would just rather jay around drink or smoke up and watch movies. Not the outdoors type at all, with pasty white skin. She had a job but quit and was pretending to be a housewife.

One day while she was cooking at the stove, I walked up behind her and noticed that she was really bulking up when compared to the old Dana. She was wearing an old pair of terrycloth stretchy shorts and the back was all bunched up in her ass crack the way you see on fat girls. Her thighs were squeezed by the shorts and lots of cellulite had stated to collect on those thighs. Also I could see that her muffin tops had expanded, and creases developed in her sides above the love handle protrusions. I put my arms around her waist and cradled the soft roll that had been slowly growing on her midsection. It was still held back by the terrycloth shorts so I slipped my hands under the cloth and gently squeezed her fat. She looked around and kissed me, somewhat embarrassed, and said sheepishly, "Guess I've put on a few pounds." I was thinking more than a few, how about 25 but said, "Baby, you are so hot." She felt the boner in my pants against her big behind and ground her soft, flabby butt back into me. "If I didn't know better I'd say you like me fat!," laughed Dana. I caressed her side fat creases then went back to kneading the soft belly roll. "Yes I do baby!" She smiled and turned towards me, cocked her head to the side and lifted her shirt so I could see her tits (no bra) and fattened midsection, the belly roll not yet creasing fully over her waist, but darn close, maybe two Twinkies away from flopping over. Then Dana blurted, "OK prove it baby! I'll make you a deal, you put a ring on this finger and I'll get real fat for you. As big as you want me. I'll keep growing until you tell me to stop!" I thought for a few seconds and kissed her on the mouth. "Dana will you marry me?," I exclaimed, dropping to 1 knee. "I thought you'd never ask!" She said, kissed me back and grabbed my package. "Dana, I will never tell you to stop, I want you 600 pounds," I whispered in her ear. She laughed. "Be careful what you ask for you just might get it," she exclaimed and grabbed a donut, stuffed it in her mouth and said smiling, "Guess I better not get a wedding dress right away, think I am going to get reeaal biggee." Powdered sugar and raspberry jelly ringed her plump lips. I kissed off the sugar and took her to the bedroom and pounded her kitty till it was sore, thinking of how big and soft and fat I would get her.

We were married 3 months later. She was busting out of a too small white frilly dress and her double chin can be clearly seen in the wedding photos. After the wedding, when she showed the garter on her ballooning thigh, so tight it was cutting into the doughy pink white flesh, I almost bust a nut on the spot. Dana was a real hog at the reception going thru the buffet 3 times and eating 4 pieces of cake. An old aunt admonished her loudly as she was chowing down saying "You are going to lose your girlish figure if you keep eating like a sow, in fact you are already fat! Why are you eating so much! What is your husband going to think?"!! I whispered in the old crone's ear, "I married her with the agreement that she would pork out, I want her so fat that she will not be able to leave the bed, 600 pounds, so I can hammer that pussy all day long!" The old lady fainted. Dana kissed me hard on the mouth and rubbed and squeezed my package under the table. "You gonna have a big fat whale of a wife Jack - hope you are ready!" I did bust a nut then.

Dana definitely kept to her word. Dana now ate ALL day long. And I was spending a lot of time at the grocery store. Just when I thought there were enough Pop Tarts and donuts in the house she would surprise me with another shopping list. She gained fast, most of the weight settling in her lower belly and thighs. But her hips widened too. And ass fattened. And jugs hung a little lower. The day was a constant meal for her - I would make a full breakfast with eggs and pancakes and bacon, pouring way too much syrup over all of it. She would lick the plate clean and beg me for more. Early lunch of whatever she wanted to order (never a salad mind you), with snacks of Doritos, Fritos, bowls of ice cream in between. Our food bill tripled. Pizza 4 times a week, 2 large meat lovers she would stuff down at a time, until her belly hurt so bad. "No pain no gain baby," she said, "You want me fat!" I estimated her calorie content at 12-15,000 per day, more if she was smoking the herb, which became a constant thing for her. Thank goodness it is legal in our state now she is smoking so much. Stoned, naked and eating a case of Three Musketeers in the bed was how I found here one day when I came home - using one of the King Size bars as a dildo - before she grabbed my cock and had me ram her roughly from behind. "Been waiting all day Jack for you to get home. Fill up my fat pussy with your dick!" And so I did. I tried and tried to get her to quit the pill, wanted to breed her and get her ever fatter an dlazier, but she drew the line there. "No kids, Jack!" So be it. I had the fat.

The months passed - She grew and grew. She was about 250 now. Faster and faster because her physical activity was so limited and she had the munchies all the time. I noticed that the big lower belly roll around her waist was now fully creasing, at first it only did so when she bent over to put her panties on, now it could no longer defy gravity and lapped over her waistline. Her butt was also blowing up huge now, covered in cellulite and not able to fit in any of her jeans. Every couple months we headed to Lane Bryant and Avenue for wardrobe additions. The female clerks at the stores were fatties themselves and looked at me with a knowing grin. "Your girl is really getting bigger, are you are happy?," one clerk named Keisha whispered to me while Dana was in the changing room. This clerk was a cute black butterball with a fat belly and huge Hottentot self ass, almost a caricature. "Yes," I answered softly, "It is great to see my fiancé getting so fat. We made a deal that if I married her she would gain weight for me." "OOhhh Baby call me if you want a little more fat, some black fat," the girl whispered, rubbing my ass with her hand and slipping her number to me.

Friends and neighbors noticed Dana's obvious weight gain, especially when she was out around the pool in a way too small bikini. While out at the pool one day, her best friend Becky smiled and asked, "Uhhhh, Dana are you not telling me something?" "What do you mean Becky?," said Dana rolling over on the lounge chair, her belly wobbling. "Well, I just thought you & Jack might be expecting?" said Becky cautiously. Becky laughed out loud and shouted to me in the kitchen where I was making her more food, "Jack, I am getting so fat Becky thinks I am pregnant." I laughed back, "Hey baby let's weigh you." Dana, who would have jumped up a hundred pounds ago, sort of rolled off the chair and waddled to the scale in the kitchen. She hopped on and the computer voice said, "Two hundred eighty three pounds Dana." Dana and I high-fived. Becky was shocked, "What are you doing Dana, why are you happy to gain weight?" Dana first grabbed a handful or Oreos then said, "Well Becky, Jack likes me fat, and I agreed to gain weight till he told me to stop, if he married me. He wants me to blow up into a really big sow, and frankly, I don't do anything all day while he works except smoke herb and eat, and this getting fat gig is the easiest job I've ever had, so what's the problem?" Becky was at a loss for words and left, glancing at Dana's fat bulging midsection, covered in cellulite, and also stretch marks from the fast gain. Other friends said things like, "Married life really agrees with Dana Ha ha ha," and "Wow, she has put on a few pounds." But we always set the straight - that the gain was intentional and erotic for me, and she was going to get really big before too long.

Dana gained steadily for 3 more years, and I continued to be her feeder and lover and husband. She is now close to 600 pounds. Her belly has transformed into a humungous pile of hanging goo, a gelatinous mass that hangs to her knees, and slaps against her thighs when she walks. I used to be able to fill up her belly button with my load, but now the cavern is so deep I have no hope of doing so, Her lower belly has split into large right and left lobes at the belly button. I bathe her daily for ½ hour in a huge custom built walk in shower, and we have sex. Also I weigh her and carefully measure her weekly. Her angel wings are amazing and her shelf ass fills the hallway going to the bedroom. She can barely walk and her only exercise is to lumber into the kitchen for snacks when I am not around. She huffs and puffs and is short of breath for even the simplest task. Dressing makes her break out in a sweat. While putting her make up on, doing her hair or brushing teeth in the bathroom, she lifts her hanging, draping apron of belly goo and rests the pile in the sink basin. This relieves her of 200 pounds of hanging fat (we weighed it recently) for awhile and helps her back. It is so erotic to me knowing that
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Mexicantacos 2 years
By far your best story. Fingers crossed for another chapter!
Simssmo 9 years
really good story.
Nova_fatty 9 years
Oh yeah that's what I like to hear...please say there is more or All about Keisha perhaps...