The breed sow

Chapter 1 - darla has it made

Dante was a multi-millionaire with businesses all over the world. Yacht, condos in London, New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, and a Gulfstream. He could have had any woman in the world, but had fallen hard for Darla, a slothful, sleezy, greedy, gluttonous 30 year old bleach blonde former stripper with a big time weight problem, and a tattoo that said "fat girl" on her belly. Darla had been the strip club's house "big girl" and she had been about 175 pounds.
He loved fat and especially Darla's fat which seemed to be softer and creamier and more squeezable than other girls that he had been with. She had been more than a little chunky when they first met in the Chicago strip club, her cellulite mottled hanging belly fat roll rubbing his crotch as she ground away during the lap dance, her huge tits sagging over his waiting mouth. He loved her big round nipples and titty stretch marks. He took her home for good and she became his steady punch, with big $ allowance and privileges that others would never have. He made sure she wanted for nothing, and made sure she always had food and booze galore, whatever she wanted. Showered her with jewelry and gifts. Trips to Paris, Rome. She had thighs and ass like jello, almost like water filled hefty bags, jiggling and shaking with every step.

Darla would do it any time any place, she would come into a business meeting about once a week and grab his crotch and say "Dante works too much, I need you baby." The other businessmen in the meeting would look away and not say anything as she led Dante from the room back to his office for a quickie. Usually she rubbed his hand over her fat belly rolls to get him hard, which never took long. "I'm your piggy Dante, I know you like me fat. I'm getting fat for you!" He would grunt and empty himself inside her box, or maybe spray all over her roly poly belly, if he was in the mood.

"You are taking the pill, right girl? I don't want no kids!," Dante would ask her about once a week. "Oh yes Dante of course," Darla would always answer usually while pulling his rod towards her never satisfied box, "Don't worry!" Dante would nod and grunt away.
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Pregnantstuf... 9 years
Great story!!!
CrowsEye 9 years least they both ended up being terrible people in the end. I kinda feel better about that.