Let’s make a deal

Chapter 1 - becky and billy

Becky was always a lazy, sloppy girl who hated to work. She preferred to smoke weed and eat and lay around which led to her soft, heavy figure. Billy - who loved fat girls - met her in a bar one night and admired her soft pooch roll hanging out from her crop top. A slow dance and home they went together. Billy guessed she was around 170, not quite fat but at the edge of the abyss. She was great in bed, and gained weight slowly - they were married in 6 months- after she passed the 200 pound mark. Her nice big soft lower belly fat roll, fat rosy cheeks, and a hanging double chin graced their wedding photos.

Their lives changed when Billy hit the Powerball for 100 million dollars. Becky knew she was set for life. They moved out of the trailer and began shopping for real estate. Billy pinched Becky’s fat rolls a few times while explaining to the male real estate agent what they wanted. Becky giggled and munched a snickers. The agent smiled wryly.

The agent took them to a beautiful custom built 1 story home with a pool, on top of the mountain - all of West Virginia could be seen. The whole house was built with wide hallways, 6 bedrooms and no stairs. It had a huge custom kitchen, a roll-in custom shower as big as a dance hall, and a hoist next to a massive hot tub complete with swim up bar. When Billy asked about the strange features, the agent was hesitant on answers, but Billy pressed on. It turned out that the home had been built by a rich doctor who had a very obese wife who had to ride a scooter to move around. The agent said the wife was probably 500 pounds and has been nearly immobile. While Becky was looking around out back, the agent showed Billy a secret room next to the bedroom. It had a large throne with a double funnel setup attached to it, kitchen, blenders, an industrial scale, cameras, refrigerator, stove and granite countertops.

“This was his fattening room, he called it. I knew him and came here. He would funnel feed her in here. After she died, the doctor moved away. I took a gamble that you are a Fat Admirer after the way that you poked your wife’s rolls. I understand the fetish, my wife is around 350 pounds and hopefully growing. My wife has been in this room,” grinned the agent. Billy was immediately hard with the possibilities ahead. Becky the blimp. Becky hugely fat. Becky immobile. He licked his lips. The agent smiled again.

Billy and Becky signed the deal for the house, in cash, that day. Becky did not see the fattening room.

Billy then called his Mother and grandmother (Meemaw) and step sister Meg to have them
move in. All three women were fattened blimps, with Meg - the pear of the group - saddle bag hips, jelly thighs, and a huge shelf ass. Meg was around 300 pounds while the older ladies, with hanging belly aprons, were twin body types around 350 pounds. Slow moving and always grazing snacks. Billy was excited for the future!
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BellyGirl 2 years
You are a great story teller! I love your work! Thanks for sharing it!
Karenjenk 2 years
very dark.