Like mother, like daughter

Chapter 1 - jack and cathy

She was always a little heavy, but tried mightily to regularly exercise, run, and watch what she was eating. When I first met Cathy she was a little over 140 pounds with big titts, big nipples, soft thighs, a full asss and just the hint of a pooch on her belly. We got along great, dated and before you knew it we were married at 20. The first time I met her blondie Mom I was amazed - she was around 40 years old but still hot as hell. I also knew where Cathy likely would be headed in the weight department. Her Mom had a full double belly, a huge asss with a shelf and there wasn't a part of her that didn't shake, shimmy and jiggle when she walked (waddled) in her form fitting expensive designer clothes. She was very rich, showy and always made huge breakfasts and urged Cathy to eat more. Food was a huge part of their extended family, with food for comfort, food to celebrate, food to console, and just constant eating. After we were married and living near her Mom, Cathy's weight slowly climbed and she grew in size, particularly in the belly and rear end. Jeans didn't close, new ones were needed, and to see her in a tight thong at 180 pounds was a dream come true for me. Cathy had found her man (me) and relaxed, then giving up on the exercise stuff because she didn't need to any more.

One morning after some great sex she bent over to pull up her thong, her titts appeared to be hanging heavier and I noticed that her belly had folded over, the large doughy fat roll mottled with cellulite. She noticed me staring at it and was ashamed. "I really have let myself go," she said sadly, "Are you mad about it Jack??". I quickly replied, "Honey, you look great, and in fact I like you bigger." Cathy was much relieved, kissed me, and much more great sex followed and we were late for work. Shortly thereafter there was no work as I was laid off and we moved in with her Mom. Cathy's gain sped up under her Mom's good cooking, with piles of macaroni and cheese made with heavy cream, fettuchini alfredo, shepard's pie, pizza, ravioli, all high calorie comfort foods, all the time. Her Mom smirked and cackled laughing when Cathy tried to button an old pair of jeans, and then asked Cathy if she wanted to borrow some of her clothes. "I'm not THAT fat Mom," Cathy protested. I swept in from behind Cathy, noticing how really big her butt had gotten (with the top of the tight thong, biting into her fat flesh just peeking out) , wrapped my arms around her muffin top side rolls and cradled her sagging, growing belly, kissed her neck near her double chin and told her how great she looked. Her Mom gave me a strange knowing look. And the 200 pound mark came and went for fatty Cathy.
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Voluptuouslover 4 years
Great story...somewhat crude....but definitely made me extremely horny. 4 1/2 our of 5 stars
Northeastfeeder 6 years
I need more
Tommmy 11 years
Love it please continue!
Rickeb 11 years
Daughter got hotter,while Mummy got yummy.
Azerty 11 years
Wow. So nice, sexy. Lucky Jack. Great