Never too old to gain

chapter 1

Noticed her in grocery store- fit, mid fifties, long grey hair, tight jeans with that triangular gap between her thighs.Sorta wide hips. A few wrinkles but a great smile and sparkling eyes . No ring. Small tits. Said hello, some small talk, next thing you know I had her digits. Probably she’s 120 pounds. I like bigger.

Out to dinner several times, Joanna is her name. We clicked. Great personality and she liked to eat. Loved the gym but coronavirus closed them, so more time to relax. She moved in soon after - lost her job - needed to save expenses. My job - turn her into a fatty.

Not my first gal to heavy up- i know all the tricks. Keep snacks ready and available. Coax cajole slowly feed. Tell her how great she looks. Limit activity. Binge watch TV. Lots and lots of booze. Her body softened. Belly Pooch started. Cellulite on the ass and thighs. Softer softer everywhere. Joanna now lazy but a sex machine.

A year later doctor concerned. Joanna is 57 and gained a hundred pounds. Up to 225. She blushed. Said I liked it - Doctor not pleased. Nurse looking at her with a glare.

Two years later she’s gotten huge. Wide wal mart ass. Belly growing. Doctor very upset. She lumbers out of Doctor office at 310 pounds feeling sad. We head straight to DQ for blizzards then to buffet. She fills plate after plate with mac and cheese and potatoes with gravy. Happy gal. An old friend of hers stops by the table, shocked at her gain. I smile. She pats her girth and says “he likes me bigger”. The friend leave stunned.

Belly roll folded over now, a really porky big gal. Arms like balloons. Back fat blossoming, along with side rolls. Hotter than ever in bed. She likes cowboy and I like it because the fat is in my face.

Now 59. And four hundo. She’s at the sink doing dishes, in sweatpants. I come up from behind and caress her side rolls, sliding my hands down the fat, over the top belly roll, then inside her sweat pants - oh they are tight - both hands sliding under her hanging apron roll of fat. Kneading like dough. Playing with the split below the belly button. She laughs and says “You really like that pile of goo, dontcha?” I answer her smiling, “fat is my viagra.” She laughs and turns to me “Let’s go to bed, I want that baby batter up inside me. And Joe - let’s get some weight on your belly.” She pokes me and off we go for cowboy. She’s huffing and puffing and waddling up the hall ahead of me. So hot and fat.
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