A tight situation

Chapter 1 - a tight situation part 1

"Wake up, my dear, wake up."

Kim felt the sudden splash of water on her face as a slimy, perverted voice dribbled into her ears. She opened her eyes in shock as the cold water hit her face and upper torso. "What the ***?! Where am I?! Who are you?!", she barked at the elderly, lab coat clad man standing in front of her. Struggling to stand Kim found she was strapped down to a large, wooden chair, it was hard, uncomfortable and did nothing to ease her aching back, it seemed that the chair was slightly on the small side too. Her large pregnant belly was packed between the hard wood and didn't budge and inch. Kim was starting to panic and sweat.

The last thing she remembered was leaving her apartment after noticing some suspicious activity going on in and around the small abandoned warehouse across the street from her. Through her window she had seen flashes of torches and two figures who she assumed were of questionable intent skulking around before entering through the large loading bay door on this cold, rainy night. The investigative journalist in her couldn't resist, after some time in silent debate and hesitation she quickly grabbed her camera and rushed out the door.

At the time she felt silly having not grabbed her coat, it was raining cats and dogs and she wore only a pair of tight, black yoga pants and a slightly snug maternity button up shirt, her curves and bump bobbed as she rushed down the stairs eager for the scoop, exiting her building she scampered across the street. Seeing no other way of entry she saw the loading bay door, carelessness on the part of the intruders had left it somewhat open, and rather than making too much noise and drawing attention to herself she decided to try and squeeze under the shutter style door. Such a task proved more difficult than she had anticipated, with some difficulty she laid down on the wet and rainy concrete floor and shimmied her upper torso through the opening. Only when her pregnant belly made contact with the old steel of the door did she realise her error, at 8 months along she had overestimated the size of the door's opening and the size of her round belly was proving to be quite the obstacle.

She pushed and pulled, inching her belly under the gap little by little, but as she progressed she found it harder and harder to breath as her torso was compressed under the steadfast door. After many moans and grunts she relaxed her efforts, only to find herself rather wedged in, half her belly and her legs hanging outside in the pouring rain while her only mildly damp, long dark hair, the other half of her belly and her DD breasts were on the inside. "Oh come on, I'm not that big, surely", she whispered to herself in frustration, which was partially true, Kim had worked hard to maintain a slim figure throughout her pregnancy, resisting the urge to over eat and indulge her cravings, in her 8th month she had actually only gained 27 pounds, bringing her to a healthy 149 pounds, something she was quite proud of. So with her rather average pregnancy weight gain she wasn't actually all that large, however she had misjudged the size of the gap between the shutter door and the hard floor. With a deep breath she set her mind to the task at hand, getting her bulbous body out of the rain and closer to yet another journalistic scoop.

Tugging and pulling more her skin slid through the door's tight grasp, but not without emitting the sound of tearing threads as the material of her shirt caught. With considerably more struggling her belly popped free causing the rest of her upper body to wobble from the sudden shift, with a deep sigh of relief she pulled her legs through the gap and ambled back to her feet, but doing her best to keep quiet and low, lest she draw unnecessary attention. She could hear movement on the other side of the room round the back of ceiling high stacks of crates and boxes, behind which she hid and crept in an attempt to find a better vantage point. Peering around the corner she caught sight of her captor giving orders to a tall, ogre of a man lifting containers and contraptions that looked several times his own weight. The one giving the order was a weed, short, skinny and hunched over as the years had taken their toll on him, he was old, wrinkly with thinning white hair, but he had an air of authority and knowledge.

Raising her camera to her eye Kim enthusiastically began snapping photos of the scene and its players, focussing on the one in charge while the larger one vanished from view. So engrossed she was with her snapping she failed to notice she shadow of the larger man grow over her, plunging her into darkness before delivering a swift but restrained knock to Kim's neck, knocking her unconscious, bringing us back to the present.

"Who am I? HA! I think the question, miss, is who. are. you?", the older man said with an air of arrogance before being handed Kim's camera by the gorilla man.

"She had this with her, she was taking pictures of us, sir", the giant said in a low rumble of a voice.

"Thank you, Mason. So you're a journalist, eh? I hate journalists, always sticking your noses where they're not welcome, that's the whole reason I had to turn to a life of crime to begin with", he growled and glared at Kim with every word. "Hmph, you're a fat one too", he poked her belly.

"Hey! I'm not fat, I'm pregnant, you bastard!" Kim shot back at the old vulture.

"Oh yes, so you are, I take it back, you're pretty damn skinny for a preggo", he smiled wide and greepily.

"I'm not skinny either, ***, I'm healthy. What, you've never seen a pregnant woman before?"

"Oh I have, but they've all been considerably larger than you. Mason, you see the large container over there labelled WG? Roll that rascal on over here will you, and grab that pump and funnel while you're at it."

With thunderous footsteps Mason made his way over to the large container and rolled it in Kim and her captor's direction, then he grabbed the other items he had been instructed to and handed them to his boss.

Kim shifted nervously in her chair, "What're you going to do to me?", she asked.

"Only an act of kindness, dear, I'm a doctor after all, and doctors know what's good for you, and I think you could do with a few more pounds on you. This here is a rather amusing concoction I developed, I was going to use it to spike the water supply of every gym in the city, it's a fast acting chemical which engorges the body's fat cells within minutes of consumption. For the sake of my experiment trials I've mixed it with chocolate ice cream, and pregnant women LOVE ice cream...", he grinned at Kim.

"Oh my god, you're insa-Mmmmph!" Before she could finish her words, with lightning fast reflexes the doctor slid the end of a tube affixed to a mask over her mouth and fastened it round the back of her head, then attached the other end to the metal barrel and began pumping.

"I'm seriously worried about you, you look far too thin, I'm providing a service, helping you, I feel like a proper doctor again. Don't worry, we'll have you VERY healthy in no time at all", as he pumped the tainted ice cream crept through the tube drawing closer and closer to Kim's open mouth.

Kim's eyes were screaming as she saw the ice cream filter through the pipe, like some predator moving in for the kill and she was powerless to stop it. When the ice cream hit her taste buds the taste was phenomenal, it was the deepest, creamiest chocolate ice cream she had ever tasted, and she hated to admit it, but she wanted more. She felt it sliding down her throat into her pregnant belly, she gulped as hard and fast as she could desperate to consume more despite being fully aware of what the tasty treat would do to her figure. After several more mouthfuls the doctor turned off the supply, but Kim already felt slightly bloated, her belly felt tight and her shirt looked a mite tighter on her round bump.

"Not too much just yet, you'll want to see the effects when they kick in, trust me", the doctor said as he rubbed a hand over her tight tummy, then there was a gurgle and the doctor's and Kim's eyes locked on each other. "The magic is about to begin", he smiled.
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Escape60 10 years
Well it wasn't really the chair legs that broke, it was the arms that broke under the pressure of her body, but it's only a fantasy. And as for the weight I'm happy with a preggo weighing around the 250 lbs mark, it was a gain of over 100 pounds in the story, which I think works for the story's sake smiley
Escape60 10 years
Thanks, very kind of you to say so. I had fun writing this one, it was a change of pace writing a one-shot as opposed to my other, multi-part stories. It was originally a request from a friend on DA.