Catherine's self-discovery chapter 10

Chapter 1 - catherines selfdiscovery chapter 10 part 1

Catherine was laid out on the examination bench, her large belly peeking out through the flimsy, paper-like material of her exam gown as if trying to escape. Tapping his pen against his clipboard he looked sternly at Catherine, who laid on the exam bench feigning ignorance, she knew it was coming, it was inevitable, and part of her couldn't wait. "Well everything seems fine, the baby's doing well, growing at a healthy pace-"

'Yeah, he's not the only one', Catherine thought to herself.

"- but your weight... It's a little troubling. You're only just 7 months and you've gained 60 pounds already. That's double the recommended amount you should gain over your entire pregnancy, you need to slow down. Just since our last meeting you've put on 16 pounds, how the hell...? 16 pounds in 3 weeks is no easy task, what've you been eating?"

"A little of everything, I suppose".

""A little?" Come on, Catherine, I'm not stupid", he was determined to drag it out of her.

With a huff, "fine, so I went a little crazy over the past month, but I just couldn't help myself", which was kind of true seeing as it had been AMY who had been feeding her. "Everything just tastes just so much better nowadays", she said while rubbing her soft side through the gown. "Doctor, is my weight gain putting either my life or the life of my baby in danger? Am I in any red zone?"

"Well no, not right now, your tests show both of you to be in great health-"

"-Then I'm not worrying", Catherine interjected. "I feel great, huge of course, but I feel incredible and I'm loving being pregnant. If that's a result of my putting on weight then I'm happy I have, and I'll continue to do so if I want to until it becomes a health risk."

"But Cather-"

"Doctor, please? I feel great, the baby's fine, all's good. I've had too many friends that've been pregnant and starved themselves to stay thin, and ***ing hated being pregnant, but I feel fine", she pleaded with him, maintaining eye-contact as if trying to bend him to her will.

Rolling his eyes, he gave up, "Fine, I'll lay off today, but I want you to be careful. If this is the path you're choosing then I want to see you every two weeks for a check-up, if you insist on continuing to gain weight so liberally I want to make sure you're at least healthy while you do it."

"Thanks, Doc", 'Holy crap, I actually won... I just won an argument with my DOCTOR, of all people, to let me continue fattening up, or BE fattened up, rather. Amy's going to love this.' The truth was, despite her exchange with Doctor Maxwell, Catherine actually loved being berated, chastised, and even mocked for her swelling form, Amy certainly never missed an opportunity to poke fun at her and humiliate her when she struggled with basic tasks, such as getting out of bed or button clothing. Amy would prod and fondle her body commenting on how Catherine had "let herself go", or how she's turned into an eating machine, often Catherine would find herself rather wet afterwards. She would have never imagined herself getting turned on by being humiliated, but it gave her a special kind of tingle when she was made to realise the changes she had made to her body, being made to compare her current state to how she used to be, and how she was only going to continue getting bigger, heavier and rounder. Amy had always displayed a kinky, dominant streak, so it was obvious she felt in her element when degrading Catherine. With Amy being a chubby chasing, preggo loving, dominating feeder, Catherine knew it was only a matter of time before she would be hitting the big "two oh oh", and she could hardly wait.

Returning home, Catherine was greeted with a tight hug and kiss from Amy, "so what was the result?", she queried.

"Hehe, fancy a guess?"

"Hmm, let's see, 179 before we met up, so I'll guess... maybe 190?"

"A little less..."


"More..." She said with a knowing smile.


"Almost, 188, can you believe it?"

"Actually I can, kind of", Amy said as she slide her hands over Catherine's curvaceous torso, "we definitely put the work in, I'm actually a little surprised it wasn't more."

"Well I'm sure that by the end of the weekend I'll be up to your original guess of 190."

"You know, that sounds almost like a challenge."

"Yeah? And what're you gonna do about it, Tubby?" Catherine said in a mocking tone, prodding Amy's soft pot belly. Surprised by how easily, and far, her finger sunk into Amy's flesh, she gave it a slight slap, causing it to jiggle, "Woah, looks like I'm not the only done who's been doing a little growing, huh?"

Swatting her finger away, Amy said in a playfully authoritative tone, "Hey, remember who the feeder is here."

"Oh sure, but looks like you've also been feeding yourself", Catherine retorted with a giggle whilst gently rubbing a hand over Amy now exposed bulge.

"Ok, so maybe your eating habits have rubbed off on me a little, and maybe I've noticed some of my clothing feeling a tad snugger recently."

"I bet, I won't deny noticing your underwear looking a li'l pinchy", Catherine said, twanging at the elastic of Amy's panties with a smug smile. With new found confidence she walked up on Amy, forcing her back and pinning her to the wall with her prodigious, pregnant belly. "So come on then, you know what I'm up to, now I want to know your numbers", she said while lightly tracing circles in the soft flesh of Amy's exposed upper breast with her finger.

"Urgh, ok, FINE, let's go."

Making their way up the stairs Catherine could hardly contain her glee, she had always loved Amy's plush body, her pot belly, chubby thighs and luscious breasts, so when she noticed Amy's stats may be on the rise it made it even better. Entering the bedroom Amy approached the scales on the ground, before she could plant a foot on them Catherine's hand shot out, grasping the waistband of the back of Amy's snug, black cargo pants she gently pulled her back, "Ah ah ah, you know how this works. You make me strip for my weight-ins, so so do you, it's only fair", she said wagging a finger.

"Alright, fine..." Amy conceded. Peeling off her tight, khaki vest over her head her plump breasts dropped and jiggled gently in the confines of Amy's large bra, which was becoming increasingly inadequate. Her nipples were becoming visible over the rims of the cups, and the strap were cutting into her flesh, making it bulge outwards gently. Without a word of request from Amy, Catherine unhooked Amy's straining bra allowing her tits to fall free, despite their size they still remained pert on her upper torso. Next Amy unhooked the overstrained button of her pants, the material parted allowing her potbelly and muffin top to smooth out some, but entirely due to her panties. Catherine thought it was a wonder the button hadn't already popped off them with the weight of her growing belly on top of it. Sliding the material down and over her chubby ass she let them drop to her ankles before stepping out of them, leaving her in nothing more than a tight pair of black, pinstripe semi-thong panties. Catherine honestly couldn't work out if they were actually cut like that or the effect wasn't caused by Amy's round ass, there certainly seemed to be a good amount being eaten by her chubby cheeks.
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