Ciao belly

Chapter 1 - rendezvous

Daniel and Maria had been talking online for a few months. They sent role play messages to one another and had deep erotic conversations about weight gain and stuffing. They sent pics to each other and were wildly attracted to each other. One day they decided they should meet in real life.

Maria lived in Italy and Daniel in the USA. Although it was quite the journey, Daniel decided it was totally worth it. He hadn't connected with anyone like this in a long time.

When he landed he sent her a text, "buon giorno my little piggy, how are you?!"

"Ciao!" she replied quickly, "I can't believe you are really here! Hurry on over, I have a surprise for you."

"Oh really? Daniel texted back, "can you give me a hint?"

"Sure lol," Maria typed, "it just might...involve some food."

"Lol, it better," he quipped.

Daniel spent the next two hours on a train. He closed his eyes and fantasized about Maria's beautiful face. He couldn't wait to feel the soft skin of her belly, her massive breasts resting in his bare hands.

When he arrived at the station he was blown away by the view. Maria lived in a very old Tuscan town called Volterra. The scenery was amazing.

He began walking through the town square. The only directions he had was to find Maria's father's bakery. It was called Piena Bella. After stopping and asking a few town folk for directions in broken Italian, he found it.

He walked inside and found an older man closing up shop. "Ah you must be Daniel, you are American friend of my daughter no?"

"Yes sir," Daniel replied. "Do you know where I might find her?"

The old man smiled, "sure go right upstairs and knock on the door, she lives above the bakery in her apartment."

"Thank so much," said Daniel as the old man locked the front door and went on his way.

Daniel got a sudden rush of excitement, he had never met anyone online let alone in another country.

He walked upstairs and knocked on the door. There was no answer for a few seconds. Then he heard a beautiful voice yell "come in!"

He entered slowly. The apartment was beautifully decorated. He could see straight through to the balcony in the back. It said on the side of a hill and the sun was setting. Everything felt surreal.

He walked in further but still didn't see anyone. As he rounded the corner his jaw dropped and he felt a rush of blood below his waist.

Maria sat at a table in the kitchen. Her top was off and her massive breasts looked as if they were barely being contained by a sexy lace bra. Daniel couldn't help but notice how it dug into the fat around her chest as it struggled to hold up the weight.

Her belly sat distended in front of her. He couldn't tell that she was wearing any underwear except for a small piece of cloth on the side. It looked like it was more sexy white lace.

She had her divine black hair down and was had some gorgeous makeup on. She smiled at him and stared.

"You look" Daniel stuttered, "you look..."

"Hungry?" Maria replied with laughter.

Daniel laughed as well, "yes!"

She held a fork in one hand and motioned him to come closer with the index finger of her other hand.

The table in front of her was literally covered with delectable pastries and treats.

As Daniel came closer he sat in a chair adjacent to Maria. You know, "I've been thinking about you all day, "Maria whispered in his ear.

She continued, "and I have been a really good piggy lately and I want you to reward me."

Daniel felt a rock hard erection coming on like he had never felt before.

He slowly leaned towards her and whispered back in her ear, "since you've been such a good piggy I'm going to make sure you get rewarded for it. Let's start with everything on this table first."

Maria shuttered with excitement. Daniel quickly took the fork and used it to grab a huge piece of thick tiramisu. As he lifted it from the tray Maria stared directly into his eyes with her mouth open. He set the massive piece in her mouth as she closed her eyes. She moaned with pleasure as she began to chew. She had been waiting her whole life for such a sensual experience.

Several minutes went by as Maria finished the entire tray of tiramisu. As she chewed the last few bites Daniel quickly got up and went to the fridge to find her something to drink. He quickly found some heavy cream and a carafe.

He returned to the table and poured the cream for Maria into a glass. She drank the whole thing very quickly and spilled a bit down her chest between her huge breasts. Daniel followed the cream as it disappeared between her huge cleavage. When he looked up she was staring at him while biting her lower lip. She looked back down at her own breasts and stared.

Daniel reached around to her back and unclasped her bra. It quickly collapsed on itself as her breasts were no longer restrained. He ripped the bra away and could not resist himself. He placed her left nipple in her mouth and began sucking wildly. He loved feeling all the fat entering his mouth at once. Maria seemed to be enjoying it very much as well.

After a minute or so Daniel backed off and returned his attention to the table of treats. He moved a huge chocolate cake in front of her and began to feed it to Maria piece by piece.

As she approached the end of the cake he noticed she was slowing down. He began to pat the side of her stuffed belly, "that's a good piggy. You're such a greedy piggy, you deserve to be spoiled. But remember, good piggies always finish what is put in front of them." She nodded in agreement as she continued to chew.

Daniel continue lightly slapping her belly. They both watched with lust as it jiggled more and more.

More time had passed and Maria amazingly was able to devour some heavy cream filled eclairs, they were both astonished by this.

Daniel suddenly stood up and ran to his suitcase. He came back with a huge bottle of baby oil. He squirted it gently onto Maria's belly and began to massage it all around. She lay her head back against the chair and moaned erotically.

After a few minutes her breasts and belly were absolutely dripping with oil. Daniel jiggled and bounced her fat. It was so soft and slippery it was unreal.

"Look at my greasy piggy," Daniel exclaimed. He slapped the side of her belly as the oil caused it to ripple violently. Maria began squealing like a piggy and moaning uncontrollably.

Daniel ripped her panties off and began to pleasure her. She was so wet with excitement and pleasure. He took his free hand and continued bringing pastries to her lips. "Eat greedy piggy, eat! More, more! That's a good piggy!"

Out of nowhere Maria jerked her head back and began screaming with pleasure. She climaxed as her body shuddered for a good ten seconds.

She was still out of breath but she opened her eyes, smiled, and looked back at Daniel, "so have I been a good piggy so far?"

Daniel laughed, "oh yes you have, now go clean up" he said playfully. "Dinner will be ready soon.
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