Lust at dusk

chapter 1

We leave dinner and get in the car. You struggle to buckle your belt and then lean back, exhausted. I have never seen you eat so much before. I start driving slowly. You reach out and grab my hand. We drank a huge bottle of red wine and both feel pretty nice.

We've only been in town a few hours, but you were right, we needed that meal after all that driving. It's time to check in as we head towards the hotel.

I can't wait for you to see the room, I booked the nicest suite they have. A huge private balcony overlooking the canyon. We check in and take the elevator up to the top floor. I can tell you are done with all this walking so I grab your bag for you.

We open the door and head into the suite. You want to change into something more comfortable in the bathroom so I head out to the balcony. The view is incredible. The sun is going down under the horizon and the sky is filled with a half dozen shades of pink. They reflect off the walls of the canyon. Tall trees cover the land between our balcony and the gorge of the canyon. A half crescent moon is somewhat visible high in the sky. It's 70 degrees and so relaxing.

I sit down in a chair and take a deep breath. My phone buzzes. I resist at first but I decide to check it since you're still in the bathroom. Another annoying email.

I see you move out onto the balcony towards the railing but I don't look up as I'm trying to understand this email. "It's so big" I hear you say so I decide I need to deal with work later.

I look up and you're completely nude, standing there gazing out onto the canyon. The sun is slowly disappearing but it casts the most amazing silhouette on your body. I admire your huge, 60" ass and follow it down towards your incredibly thick thighs and plump little calves. I follow it all the way back up to your tapered waist. Your beautiful flowing hair reaches deep down your back. I can still make out the lines of your amazing back fat.

You slowly turn to the side while holding your gaze on the canyon, one hand still grasping the balcony. Now I can see your voluptuous breasts draped perfectly onto your massive belly. It looks so incredibly full. I can tell you really pushed yourself at dinner, and I like that. Your belly hangs lower than I remember and rests perfectly onto the upper part of your thighs.

Suddenly you open your right hand and reveal a joint and a lighter. You spark it up and take a nice drag. You finally turn towards me and smile.

"It's so big" I say out loud as you turn and nod towards the canyon. I wasn't talking about the canyon though.

You walk over to me and hand me the joint. I take a drag and exhale looking you in the eye. You take the joint back and bring it up to your lips. I left your belly up with my right hand and slowly start to pleasure you with my left. You take a really long drag off the joint as I do so and cough as you exhale.

You're starting to get really wet. You suddenly lean over and start kissing me. You take my shirt off over my head and then slowly pull my pants down around my ankles. You continue kissing me and start pleasuring me with your right hand. I am rock hard.

You slowly turn around facing the other direction, your fat jiggly but is now right in my face. You bend over and crouch down as if you're about to sit down. I remain in the chair. You reach back and grab my cock, guiding inside of you.

Then you sit down completely into my lap. It's so warm and so right inside of you. It's the greatest feeling on earth. You're so heavy but I'm still very comfortable. You're so far that your ass and thighs provide much padding to sustain the weight of you.

You start slowly rocking back and forth. You have onto the arm rests of this huge chair. I slide my hands down the sides of your thighs. I love feeling my hands disappearing into all the fat on your hips and thighs. As you grasp the arm rests of the chair I can't help but admire how far your arms have become. So much fat hangs and jiggles on of each of them.

You continue to ride me, back and forth, facing away from me towards the balcony. I pull my hands back up your thighs towards your ass and grab the sides. There is more than enough fat for me to grab on tightly. I hold on as you rock back and forth. We both moan with delight.

Now I let go of your ass. I wrap my right arm around your belly. I have to stretch but I can almost reach the middle of your huge gut. I take my left hand and wrap it around the upper part of your torso. I try my best to cradle both of your breasts under my arm, but it's clear they are too big. They hang halfway over the side of my arm.

You take your hands away from your trip on the chair and grab onto my arms. We are now wrapped in a very slide embrace, all while you continue to slide your hips back and forth with me inside of you.I

You start moving faster. I can literally feel your body jiggling all over. I let go of my grasp on your breasts and wrap both hands around your belly. I want to make sure I really get to feel its girth in its entirety. I dig both hands under your belly so I can feel all of its weight. It's distended and I can literally feel all the food and wine sloshing about inside of you. This turns me on even more.

You start to lean a bit forward now and bounce your huge ass up and down on top of my cock. I lean back and place each hand on one of your ass cheeks. I clap your cheeks together as you bounce up and down. I also lay my hands flat on my thighs so I can feel your ass slap my hands with all it's weight every time you drop it down on me.

You suddenly start going slow. Up, then down. At first I think you are teasing me, but it's clear you are out of breath. Sex is the only exercise you get and I like that.

Going slow only increases my excitement further. I pull you back down into my lap and you start moving back and forth again. I reach my arms around you again, only this time I lift your belly with my right hand and pleasure you wit h the fingers on my left hand.

You start to moan loudly. Then more frequently. I can tell you are getting close. You start rocking back and forth even faster. I won't last long now. I cradle my left arm under your breasts again. My right arm around your belly. This time my middle finger is in your belly button. I'm pressing it deep inside, I know you enjoy that.

We are so close now, so deep. As I get closer, so many thoughts race through my head. You have grown into such a fat goddess. How lucky I am to have you. I start thinking about how you will only grow fatter. How it won't be long until I won't be able to wrap my hands all the way around your belly anymore.

So much fat, so much jiggling, so incredibly deep.. Suddenly you go silent and start cumming. I grab your belly as right as I can and thrust one last time. I feel warm rush over my entire body and the most massive release inside of you that I have ever felt. Quite possibly the best orgasm of my life.

We both sit there for a few minutes and catch our breath. You slowly stand up, legs shaking a first. You turn around and kiss me on the lips. I grab the bottom of your belly and squeeze as I do so.

You head inside and I follow you with my eyes the entire way. Your butt sways left and right and your belly ripples with each step.

I think about what a great idea it was to book this balcony. Then I think about what a great idea it would be to go inside and find a delivery menu in our room. I'm sure you have room for desert, right babe?
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