The politics of ecstasy

Chapter 1 - good things come to those who wait

Jason arrived late and walked onto the bus as quickly as possible, hoping to get a seat. He thought he might end up standing, but he found a seat in the back and sat down as the bus pulled away.

He looked to his left and to his surprise he sat down next to Betsy the captain of the cheer leading squad. She was a voluptuous brunette with chubby cheeks and the most amazing smile. She looked like Scarlett Johansson with dark hair. He was too nervous to talk, but Betsy quickly leaned over.

"So what's up? said Betsy, you're Jason, right?

"Um, yea" said Jason, how'd you know that?

"We had biology together like two years ago I think," said Betsy

Jason was in shock that she not only knew his name, but remembered a class they were in together two years ago.

The bus headed to the Miami Aquarium for their field trip while Betsy and Jason talked for almost an hour. They spoke like friends that had known each other for years. Each time he made her laugh he couldn't help but notice her breasts bounce and jiggle.

Jason was a closet feeder who found himself attracted to women two and three times her size. Although Betsy was by no means fat, she pushed the envelope on what one would call "curvy." Feeder or not, she was sexy.

The bus arrived at the Aquarium and Jason was on cloud nine. He didn't even remember why he was on the bus, just that he never wanted to stop talking to Betsy.

"You are freaking hilarious," said Betsy.

"Well um, you're a dork and think you know it, haha," said Jason

They were both smiling ear to ear as they exited the bus. Then Betsy's boyfriend walked over and grabbed her hand. Having taken another bus on the trip he was obviously more than happy to break up the conversation, putting an end to the elated look on Jason's face. Betsy and her boyfriend were your typical cliche cheer leader/ football player relationship. He was as dumb as a rock and she was his trophy.

As Betsy walked away she turned around, smiled, and said "hey I'll see you around."

Jason was head over heels. He thought this was the beginning of something incredible. Unfortunately for him, as weeks passed and he made repeated attempts to talk to Betsy, but the moment just never seemed to be right. Graduation rolled around soon after and Jason went off to college.

About halfway through his second semester he was at a friend's house party off campus. He went over to fill his cup from a keg and to his surprise Betsy was standing there directly in front of him. They made eye contact and she gave him a huge smile. He was absolutely weak in the knees! Betsy had put on at least 15 pounds and her belly was pushing her tight dress a few inches out in front of her. Could Jason's eyes be anymore pleased?

He walked over and gave a simple "hey." She started talking his ear off and he had her laughing much like he did a year before. Each time she giggled her belly jiggled and rippled through her dress.

They spoke all night and things seemed to be going perfectly. As they sat at a coffee table in the living room, Jason's friend walked over and put some queso and chips on the table. Betsy dove right in and began stuffing her face. As you can guess, Jason wasn't about to stop her.

The two kept talking and laughing when suddenly a tall jock looking guy walked over and grabbed Betsy's arm "can I talk to you?? Please!" He said.

Jason quickly realized this was Betsy's new boyfriend. His night of joy quickly deescalated. He didn't want to be nosy, but he walked over the refill his beer next to an adjacent bedroom while listening through the door.

"Did you not promise you were gonna try that diet?? C'mon!!" Said Betsy boyfriend.

Betsy gave a pissed off look, "listen I had a few beers and chips, get over it!"

They walked back out of the room and her boyfriend quickly stormed out of the house.

Jason and Betsy sat back down at the coffee table. She took and few more huge bits of queso and quietly told Jason while laughing "could you imagine if things were backwards and guys just wanted girls to get fatter and fatter? Crazy idea right? She giggled and shook her head."

"Um, yea that would be cool right haha," he said jokingly. Now was probably not the time to confess his complete and utter desire for everything feederism.

The party ran out of beer and Betsy stepped outside to answer her phone. She got in an argument with her boyfriend again and started walking towards his car as he pulled up a few minutes later.

She looked back at Jason with disappointment and whispered "I'm sorry."

A few years went by. Jason dated several girls. Fat and skinny, but no one that understood or even had any basic desire related to fat fetishism or feederism.

After college Jason got a job in finance on Wall St in New York. He handled large securitizations for mortgage lenders and made a few million dollars by the time he was 30.

One night as he walked into a wine bar in the Upper East Side of New York City with some friends, he noticed a girl across the room standing at a table with her own friends. He felt a shiver up his spine and began to feel a massive erection coming on. The girl across the room wore a tight red dress and had long flowing blonde hair. She was easily over 250lbs. Her belly protruded well beyond her waist. The outline of her belly button could be seen nicely though the roundest part of the dress. He could tell it was wide and deep. One might even mistake her for 6 months pregnant if it wasn't for the fact that her belly looked so spoiled from sweets and lustfully ripe. His opinion was reinforced as he watched her enjoy a rich port wine while devouring a half dozen chocolate covered strawberries at the table. She was absolutely delectable as the food she was eating.

Jason began to approach her as he was much more confidence now than he was in his younger years. As he grew closer he recognized her face and was in was Betsy. He almost collapsed with excitement.

Her friends assumed that he was coming over to talk to them so they turned and introduced themselves. He didn't even acknowledge them, "Betsy, is that you?" He said.

She looked up, but didn't recognize him, "yea, do I know you?" She said as she wiped chocolate off her lips.

Before he could answer she gave a huge smile "Jason! I remember you!"

They hugged and began talking just like they had in the past. After about 15 minutes Jason was determined that this was not going to end in disappointment again. They left their friends and grabbed their own table. Jason flagged down the waiter "twelve chocolate covered strawberries please." Betsy laughed and said "hmm you read my mind."

Jason leaned in close to her and whispered "do you remember when your *** boyfriend was harassing you about your weight and you mentioned how cool it would be if guys just wanted girls to get fatter and fatter?"

"Uh, yea you remember that?" She giggled and continued "and I still think that by the way haha."

Jason confessed "I'm one of those guys, a feeder. I always have been and always will be."

Betsy's jaw dropped, then she gave a big smile. She looked at Jason and said out loud exactly what he was thinking "isn't fate an amazing thing?"
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